15+ Best Instagram Feed Templates for Your Websites

Elevate your website’s visuals with one of the free Instagram Feed templates from Elfsight. Discover a new way to boost engagement and show the legitimacy of your business!
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Instagram Post widget
Embed your favorite Instagram posts on your website for better brand engagement.
Instagram Gallery widget
Embed a custom Instagram gallery of images and videos on your website to complement the brand style.
Instagram Profile widget
Embed an Instagram feed with profile details to highlight the legitimacy of your brand.
Instagram Grid widget
Embed a customizable grid of the Instagram feed on your website to enhance your website's visual appeal and raise brand awareness.
Instagram Sidebar widget
Embed your Instagram posts in a sidebar content area of your website to draw more attention.
Instagram Photostream widget
Embed an Instagram feed on your website that updates in real-time to attract more views.
Instagram Photo Feed widget
Embed a photo feed on your website to keep your viewers informed and engaged with the brand story on Instagram.
Instagram Footer widget
Embed a stylish Instagram content in a website’s footer to give viewers a chance to explore your feed.
Instagram Location widget
Embed Instagram photos to attract more physical customers for your offline business.
Instagram Stream widget
Embed a stream of the live Instagram feed on your website to get users excited about your business.
Instagram Live Feed widget
Embed visually appealing Instagram content and let website users stay updated with your brand’s activities.
Instagram Hashtag widget
Embed Instagram content feed sorted by a hashtag on your website to drive sales.
Instagram Timeline widget
Embed Instagram timeline in a simple yet comprehensive format to show years’ worth of memories.
Instagram Carousel widget
Embed an eye-catching carousel format to enhance the visual display of your Instagram images and videos.
Instagram Slideshow widget
Embed a visual narrative slideshow of Instagram images on your website to tell your brand’s story.
Instagram Slider widget
Embed a sleek and fully functional slider to display your trendy Instagram feed.
Instagram Video widget
Embed videos from an Instagram feed to captivate your website users' attention.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

What Are Instagram Feed Templates?

Instagram Feed templates are coding-free widget templates that work as a credible and mesmerizing source for your business. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to personalization. Dozens of custom elements and features are here to highlight your style and turn it into dynamic content.

The integration is seamless: simply choose the desired free template, add an Instagram profile source, customize elements to your liking, get the code, insert it into your website homepage, and voila! Your Instagram widget will look professional and cohesive in no time.

Whether you want to broadcast your most popular posts, showcase your latest content, or create a beautiful grid layout, our templates have got you covered. Try out the sorting and filtering features—keep everything under your control.

At Elfsight, we strive to offer the best deals and user-friendly products. Our Instagram Feed Templates are no exception. Draw in your website users and create an interactive experience that resonates with your target audience and increases brand visibility.

How to Use Instagram Feed Templates?

Getting started with Instagram Feed templates is effortless and free. The widget can be installed with a few clicks. So it brings us to the slightly specific steps to follow as you’re getting started:

  1. Choose a template from the catalog that best suits your brand’s aesthetic and follows the guidelines of your business.
  2. Press the Live Preview button to customize the template: add an Instagram profile source, change the layout to fit your web page space, add or hide the header, include call-to-action buttons, modify a post style, and many more.
  3. Save all the changes and take a moment to double-check the outcomes: Do you like it? Should you change something else? Does it fit your branding?
  4. If everything is alright, you get to the part of receiving an embedding code.
  5. Install the widget on your website by pasting the code into the editor.
  6. Publish and enjoy the benefits of having an attractive Instagram feed on your website!

Incorporating an Instagram feed into your social media strategy takes your online presence to the next level and grows your brand’s visibility.

Five Reasons Why To Use Instagram Feed Templates

The benefits of using free Instagram Feed templates are immense. Let’s outline five crucial reasons why to consider using them:

  1. Time-saving. With all truth, manually updating your Instagram content on the website can be a time-consuming process. The HTML Instagram Feed templates keep up with your posting by automatically being updated. Plus, you don’t have to create a design from scratch. This way, you can focus on content creation and be productive, not busy.
  2. Cost-effective. Hiring a professional developer to write code can be costly. However, Elfsight has made this option more than just affordable with a freemium pricing model: showcase your content and save some dollars.
  3. Fully customizable. Instagram Feed templates are great for maintaining a cohesive look on your HTML website. You get a wide range of design options to mix and match: layouts, color schemes, post styles, post elements, header elements, titles, etc. Let your template align with the website design and brand identity to reveal authenticity.
  4. User-friendly. These Instagram widget templates are easy-to-use, like even if you’re not tech-savvy. You can create, install and configure them quickly—there is no need for coding skills.
  5. Mobile optimized. The HTML Instagram Feed templates are mobile-friendly, meaning your content will look great on any digital device like a phone, laptop, tablet, or pc. Make your website’s Instagram content accessible on the go.

That being said, using Instagram Feed templates can help you attract more potential customers, engage with your audience, and boost your engagement rate. So why wait? See what a difference they can make!