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Squarespace Instagram Feed widget
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Embed Instagram on Squarespace with an Elfsight plugin

InstaShow is an efficient Instagram plugin, which makes it possible to create fascinating collections out of Instagram pictures and video clips for your site. We recommend you to add Instagram Feed to make your website more interactive and beautiful. It can boast a big number of customization options: all types of sources supported, posts filters available, more than 50 flexible interface characteristics and 10 style options, and it’s 100% adaptive for various devices.

With a fully responsive and useful plugin, engage visitors of your website at their first glance.

  • Get the best results with stylish pictures.
    Make use of photos from Instagram, which is one of the most efficient platforms for advertising your products or services, and get an uplift of profit on the site.
  • Advance your Instagram profile.
    Popularize your account in Instagram via the site, let more users notice your business and become your fans.
  • Involve a greater amount of users into website activities.
    Display photos from Instagram on your website via our plugin, and they will catch attention of your website visitors and make them stay longer on the page.

What other tools for Squarespace can be added to my site?

We can grant a plethora of widgets for you to achieve any kind of aim on your site. See for yourself: Google Reviews, WhatsApp Chat, Event Calendar, Countdown Timer, QR Code.

How to embed Instagram Feed for free on Squarespace?

    Incorporating an embed Instagram website feed on your Squarespace website is an outstanding way to feature your current posts and strengthen visitor interaction. Add Instagram Feed to your pages to increase trust and become more open to your customers.

    1. To embed an Elfsight Instagram Feed for free on Squarespace, proceed to the Elfsight website and establish a complimentary account.
    2. Exploit the Instagram free plugin by adapting its appearance and settings to blend with your Squarespace website’s theme.
    3. After customizing your Instagram Feed for free, copy the specific embed code and paste it into your Squarespace website’s HTML where you’d like the feed to appear.

    By inserting your Instagram Feed into your Squarespace website, you’ll elevate its visual magnetism and inspire continued visitor involvement. Experience the advantages of the Elfsight Instagram plugin at no cost to you!

Is there a way to see your Squarespace Instagram plugin in work?

It’s a really easy thing to do as we’ve got a live demo! You can also use it to add the plugin to your Squarespace website.

How can I benefit from Instagram Feed on Squarespace?

There’s an option to gain more profile followers with the help of a CTA button. The audience on Instagram is limited, but your website can attract a number of people from outside the app. Moreover, you can embed an Instagram post on Squarespace to illustrate an article or a quotation. It’s a good idea to add Instagram content to your website because it’s constantly updating and contains relevant to your business info.

Main features of the Instagram Feed plugin

Add Instagram Feed to Squarespace to benefit from various features we enabled this plugin with. The most important functional traits of Elfsight plugin, which make it the best Squarespace tool to help you embed Instagram posts:

  • Use unlimited number of sources to show on your website;
  • 2 ready-to-use feed layouts: Slider and Grid;
  • Three variants of action on image click: popup, Instagram, or none;
  • 11 paintable elements;
  • Mobile optimization option for various devices.

More features in our editor

In addition to all these amazing perks, you can embed Instagram Feed on Squarespace to gain ecommerce success. For instance, you can boost social proof, if your posts contain thank-you reviews. Or increase engagement, because people will interact with beautiful photos from their favorite app, open popups, and reading comments.

How to add Instagram Feed to Squarespace website

Study our short instruction on embedding and generating the plugin. Approximate installation time is about 1 minute, besides there’s no need to have abilities in development to do it.

  1. Create your personal Instagram Feed.
    With our free configurator, generate a plugin with needed template and capacities.
  2. Get a code for setting up the plugin.
    After widget customization, acquire a code for Instagram plugin from the appeared window on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Reveal the plugin on SquareSpace site.
    Place the plugin on the needed spot of the website and save the edits.
  4. The integration is successful!.
    Visit your website, to see your plugin.

Stumble on problems with installation of the plugin or customizing it? Send a message to Elfsight client support.


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