Instagram Feed widget for HTML

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Instagram Feed widget for HTML
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Embed Instagram in HTML with Elfsight widget

InstaShow is the best Instagram widget, which allows designing gorgeous galleries out of Instagram photos and video clips. An unlimited number of customization variants: all types of sources, pre moderation of content, more than 70 flexible options and 10 appearance schemes, and the interface completely responsive for any resolutions.

Apply a completely responsive and handy plugin, to spark interest of your website users in a flash. Embed the widget in HTML code by just pasting an installation code in the needed section.

  • Grow the amount of transactions on your site.
    Tell visitors about your goods or services via images from Instagram using hashtags, locations, accounts, or by particular URL, to improve income of your site.
  • Win new fans in Instagram.
    Display photos with links and call for subscription to raise the amount of subscribers in your Instagram profile.
  • Involve a bigger amount of readers into website activities.
    Embed Instagram feed using our plugin, and they will interest more users and make them stay on the site longer.

Main features of Instagram Feed widget

The strongest points of Elfsight plugin, which turn it into the best tool for showing Instagram feed HTML code on a site:

  • Viewing videos right on the page
  • Variable gutter space
  • Three variants of action on image click: popup, Instagram, or none
  • 13 ready-to-use color schemes
  • Optional autoplay speed
  • 8 stunning ready-to-use templates
  • Embed Instagram Feed in HTML in several clicks
  • Different feed layouts and post templates

More features in Elfsight demo

You can embed Instagram Feed in website HTML to reach numerous goals. For example, you might grow the base of subscribers with a CTA button. Also, Instagram photos decorate any website, making it look neat and professional. Finally, you can boost engagement on a site, because users scroll, open, close posts, and read descriptions and comments.

How to embed Instagram Feed widget in HTML website

Check our short instruction on installation and customization of the plugin. Installation time is about 80 seconds; more to that, it doesn’t require experience in web programming.

  1. Construct your custom Instagram Feed.
    By means of our free configurator, shape a plugin with necessary design and settings.
  2. Acquire a Instagram code for showing the widget.
    After widget customization, get a code for Instagram plugin from the appeared notification on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Add the installation code to HTML code of a website.
    Open the page code in the HTML editor, set the plugin on the needed place (content section, footer, sidebar etc), and publish the edits.
  4. Setup is complete.
    Enter the HTML site, to see your plugin.

Any hardships with demonstrating the plugin or personalizing your Instagram feed? Send a message to our support team.

How to embed Instagram Feed for free on HTML?

Incorporating an Instagram Feed into your HTML website is a fantastic method to display your latest posts and maintain audience engagement.

  1. To embed an Elfsight Instagram Feed for free on your HTML site, go to the Elfsight website and register for a costless account.
  2. Maximize the potential of the Instagram free widget by customizing its appearance and settings to suit your HTML website’s look and feel.
  3. Once you’ve tailored your Instagram Feed for free, copy the unique embed code and paste it into the HTML code of your website where you desire the feed to be shown.

By adding your Instagram Feed to your HTML website, you’ll heighten its visual appeal and encourage continuous audience interaction. Reap the rewards of the Elfsight Instagram widget without breaking the bank!

How can I get Instagram collage or post slider with the help of Elfsight widgets?

A variety of templates are there for you: list, masonry, grid, feed, gallery, and many others, together with flexible layout options to suit your preconditions. You are free to build almost any tool you lack.

Why isn’t my HTML Instagram feed work / update?

As soon as you experience any difficulties with the HTML code, address the customer support staff. The support service is absolutely free for all Elfsight clientele.


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