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Instagram Feed app for Wix

The best variant to add feed from Instagram on your website


Instagram Feed app for Wix
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Embed Instagram on Wix with the Elfsight widget

InstaShow is the best Instagram plugin for Wix, which makes it possible to build splendid galleries out of Instagram pictures and video clips. When you add Instagram Feed to Wix, you can decorate and enhance your website concerning its interactivity. It features a great number of customization possibilities: all kinds of sources, filters of posts, more than 70 adaptive parameters, 10 layout variants, and fully adaptive interface that suits all screen sizes.

Add Instagram Feed to the website, grow engagement and increase the time people spend on your web pages.

Are there any other tools for Wix that I can use on my website?

You are free to test tons of tools for any goals on your site regardless of your business sphere. For instance, you can start with these widgets: PDF Embed, Instagram Feed, Google Reviews, WhatsApp Chat, Popup.

How to embed Instagram Feed for free on Wix?

    Implementing Instagram website Feed on your Wix website is a fantastic way to highlight your newest posts and increase user engagement.

    1. To embed an Elfsight Instagram Feed for free on Wix, go to the Elfsight website and create a complimentary account.
    2. Take advantage of the Instagram free widget by customizing its appearance and settings to complement your Wix website’s style.
    3. After optimizing your Instagram Feed for free, copy the unique embed code and paste it into your Wix website’s HTML where you desire the feed to be shown.

    By adding your Instagram Feed into your Wix website, you’ll amplify its visual charm and stimulate ongoing user interaction. Enjoy the perks of the Elfsight Instagram widget without breaking the bank!

  • Achieve higher sales showing the trendiest photos.
    Use stylish images from Instagram, which is now one of the most popular media for promoting your offers or services, and have an increase of income on the website.
  • More followers in Instagram.
    Embed additional buttons that offer users to subscribe to your account and uplift the number of subscribers of your Instagram page.
  • Have higher user engagement level.
    Inspire visitors with sleek pictures from Instagram and let them share diverse emotions, to establish strong user engagement on your website.

Main features of the Instagram Feed widget

We designed this versatile Instagram Feed to function perfectly on any Wix website. It can help you achieve business goals due to its useful features. Simply choose the best options for your custom Instagram Feed to create an individual widget that suits your needs and matches the looks of your website.The most important important features of Elfsight plugin that make it the best Wix instrument for embedding Instagram:

  • Use Exclude filter to limit the number of sources;
  • 2 post templates: Tile and Classic;
  • Arrows, drags and slide navigation;
  • Customizable colors of background, text, buttons and more;
  • Flexible width of the widget.

More features in Elfsight demo

How to add Instagram app to Wix website

Check our concise manual on integrating and generating the plugin. You will only need 2 minutes to add Instagram Feed to Wix, and a nice bonus is that there’s no need to have coding skills.

  1. Acquire the widget at Wix market.
    Open the page with Instagram Feed, and click «Add to Site» button.
  2. Insert the widget on the site.
    In the pop-up notification, click «Open Editor» and display the widget on your page.
  3. Configure your Instagram.
    Set the required parameters of design and add content for showing. You can make a few changes or build a totally individual feed. Apply all the edits.
  4. Done!
    You have successfully embedded the widget into your pages. Go to Wix site to view your Instagram Feed!

Having any questions about how to embed Instagram Feed in Wix or setting your own Instagram feed? Feel free to contact Elfsight client support. We are always there to help you adjust and embed the widget to look and function perfectly well on your website pages.


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