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How to Add Contact Form Module to Drupal

Elfsight Contact Form is the easiest in fine-tuning and setup widget to create message, feedback and any other forms without experience in programming.

Simple Contact Form for your Drupal Site

If you need a comprehensive and functional contact form to receive higher responses from users and increase effectiveness of your page, then our module is the optimum variant for you.

Our main features:

  • Premium design;
  • Responsive template;
  • Captcha protection included;
  • Popup and onpage options;
  • Two-minute installation.

Stay in touch with your clients 24/7, receiving their feedback on your email and grow leads for your business!

Video Guide

Stages of Displaying the Module

Installation of our module is extremely easy and intuitive; it will take you only a couple of minutes. Follow all steps listed below to get a module.

Phase 1: Create your custom module

Generating the widget

Follow this link (Live Editor) to create a widget. Choose the pattern and display parameters to create the widget that will fit your website in the best way. Or learn more on main page.

Copy the script of the widget

The last stage in installing our widget is to take the script.

Phase 2: Add full size contact form to a Drupal page

Pin your contact form to one of the pages.

Enter Drupal admin panel

Enter admin panel by logging into the system.

Find pages catalogue

Go to «Content» tab, where all editable pages are available.

Go to page editing

Choose the page where the widget will be placed and press «Edit».

Copy-paste the widget code and change settings

Shift the page and content to HTML format. Paste widget code and save the changes by pressing «Save and keep published».

The form is installed!

Now go to your website and check it.

Elfsight's Complete Range of Drupal Contact Form Templates

Elevate your Drupal website by browsing the catalog below to discover all the available contact form options:

Sms Contact Form
Create a form to collect contact data and integrate SMS notifications using the template for website.
Sign Up Contact Form
Create a form to let users contact the website owner and sign up for newsletters using the template for website.
Quick Contact Form
Create a quick form to stay in touch with the audience using the template for website.
Paypal Contact Form
Create a form to gather contact detail and integrate the PayPal payment service using the template for website.
Horizontal Contact Form
Create a horizontal form to collect contact info using the template for website.
Footer Contact Form
Create a contact collecting form with a built-in footer feature using the template for website.
Contact Order Form
Create a form to place online orders with contact details using the template for website.
Calendar Contact Form
Create a form with a built-in calendar to collect contact information using the template for website.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.

Editing the module using Elfsight account

After showing the module on your website, it’s necessary to set all the customization of the form at Elfsight Apps. Change of field names, change of template or mode of view and all other adjustments, made in the module editor, will be immediately saved on website.

In addition, in your personal profile you can check more Drupal modules and place them on your resource for free.

Test your Contact Form right now!

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