How to Add YouTube Video Widget to Drupal Websites

YouTube – is an unmatched site for delivering your highlights and skills to your subscribers and multiplying sales. Our project - Elfsight Apps - offers an ability to realize the insertion of a YouTube Video Gallery on any resource in a small series of operations.

Adjust Your media YouTube widget in 2 Phases

It will only need just a few minutes to embed the widget to websites, developed with the help of the Drupal website builder, and it won’t take any programming abilities or other especial competences.

Step 1: grab your video plugin

Forge and configure your custom-designed video gallery to embed it to your online platform.

• Create your plugin

Go to the editor of the video gallery to begin start with the plugin for site. Or create an profile at Elfsight Apps, to start plugin shaping from your personal profile.

create the youtube plugin

• Copy the code to put it into your web service

The resulting step in our resource is to copy the gallery code by clicking “Get” button near the plugin’s title.

Copy module code

Step 2: add the plugin to the website

• Authorize in the Drupal admin panel

Go to admin panel to edit the site.

Enter to Drupal website admin panel

• Go to Pages’ section

Click on the “Cintent” link in the upper menu, and go to pages list.

Go to pages’ section

• Select a page

Press the «Edit» button next to the page you need.

Select the page to place the gallery to

• Edit the page

Switch the page to Full HTML format to display the page content as the code. Copy the plugin script to the required place and save the results.

Paste the YouTube module code

• You’ve just installed the plugin to your site!

Go to the website page to check out the results of your work.

Add YouTube video Module for Drupal

How to adjust the parameters of your widget after its setup

To replace some design parameters or to edit video sources, you simply have to enter your profile at Elfsight Apps, set the new conditions and accept the corrections. After saving, the application will instantly take the fresh look on your web platform.

What Is the Most Suitable Way to Set Up a Video widget on a Drupal Website?

When you paste a YouTube widget to your website using Elfsight Apps, a premium widget is not the only thing that you’re getting. You also take the following:

  • Literally nominal prices as compared to other plugins;
  • Our team’s lifetime technical support;
  • Guaranteed development of the app.

Also, we feature an utterly easy presentation procedure that will let you execute the entire installation process yourself, without inviting a web programmer to do the job. See more modules for Drpual in our catalogue

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