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How to Add Instagram Feed Widget to Blogger

In this editorial we will give the complete tutorial on how to display Instagram widget InstaShow on a Blogger site. We will show how to make use of a product by Elfsight Apps - high-end cloud service with ready-made gadgets for websites.

Video Guide

Watch a short video made by our experts to see with your own eyes the process of adding Instagram Widget to your blog or website.

Manage Your Own Instagram Photo Gallery

Perform several clear procedures to show the widget on the required page of your website. The estimated install duration is below 2 minutes.

Stage 1: Register an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

First, to get access to our platform, you should set up a profile. Give us only true electronic mail addresses and passwords to register. If you already have an account, please, authorize here.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Pick out Instagram widget from the product list

Our online service grants a number of widgets for online businesses. To set Instagram widget to a Blogger website, you should click InstaShow.
Select Instagram feed Widget

• Configure the social gallery

Decide on the color schemes, styles and UI parameters to specify the widget that will be most fitting your website. InstaShow merits:
  • Infinite number of combinations of social sources (accounts, hashtags, locations and photo URLs);
  • Additional source filters;
  • The option of limiting user-generated pictures in the widget;
  • Cache media time option;
  • etc.
You can check all the characteristics at the Instagram Feed page.
Configure widget for blogger website

• Copy the script for displaying InstaShow on your web service

The last action in our service is to acquire the feed code by clicking on “Get” tab next to the widget’s name.
Copy widget code

Stage 2.1: The first way to add the widget to Blogger website

• Go to site dashboard

Log into Blogger and select a page to embed the gadget to.
Log into Blogger

• Prepare the page

Go to the page you want to edit and switch to HTML view.
Switch the page to HTML view

• Edit the page

Add the plugin code and press “Update” to save the result.
Insert the Instagram feed and save the changes

• Done!

You’ve successfully installed Instagram feed on your Blogger website.
Add Instagram Widget to Blogger

Stage 2.2: The second way to add the widget to Blogger website

• Log into dashboard and edit the template

Log into Blogger and go to «Layout». Select the template element to display the plugin in, and press «Add a Gadget» above this block.
Go to layout tabs on Blogger

• Install a gadget from Blogger’s main catalogue

Embed the «HTML/JavaScript» gadget to be able to edit the code.
Set the HTML gadget for Blogger

• Complete the installation and save the changes

Copy the plugin script and save the changes by pressing «Save».
Paste the Instagram widget

• The installation is complete!

This method allows you to place the plugin not only inside the pages, but also in any element of the site.
Add Instagram feed to Blogger
It is possible to embed Instagram on any website.

How to Improve Product’s Configuration after Setup

You have the opportunity to alter the app’s settings or the displayed Instagram profile in your account at Elfsight Apps. After you implement the corrections, they will be automatically installed in your gallery.

Best Instagram feed for Blogger

InstaShow is a powerful Instagram visual gallery with a multiple choice of parameters, content adjustment, wholly flexible appearance and an instant embedding, which makes our widget one of the finest among the other apps.

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