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How to add Twitter Feed widget to Blogger

Here is a detailed guideline on adding and tuning of Elfsight Twitter Feed – one of the most powerful widgets to show content from Twitter on a website.

A summary tutorial on widget integrating on Blogger

A small guide for those acquainted with the administration panel and capable of introducing small changes to website HTML code.

  1. Generate a widget using the editor;
  2. Choose a suitable payment plan (from free to premium);
  3. Obtain a widget embedding code;
  4. Go to the administrator panel of your Blogger website;
  5. Find a required page if you want to place the widget on a single page, for example, the main page. If you need to put the widget on the footer, header, sidebar, or some other element, then find a required template;
  6. Apply the changes and check the results of your work!

For more details about each of the steps with descriptions and screenshots, please check below. You are free to contact support team and receive free help with widget installation (available for all Elfsight clients).

Video Guide

An extensive guideline on widget integration on a Blogger website

A full instruction for every stage.

Step 1: Design and adjust a widget

The first phase – set widget look and functions.

Create a desired widget

Design a widget using the editor or log in to the service to start.

Receive a widget code

Copy the widget code that you received at Elfsight Apps, to paste it on the website.

Step 2: Add the widget on a Blogger website

The second phase – put the created widget into the code of your page or template.

Enter the administrator panel

Get logged into your site, open the editor, and go to code altering.

Enter the widget code

Open the page on which you need the widget or a template and add the widget code received at Elfsight Apps there. Apply the change.

This is it! The widget was successfully added

How to adjust widget settings after the widget integration

After the installation, you can enter your account at Elfsight and customize the configuration or interface of the widget there. All the adjustments are at once administered automatically.

Design a Blogger Twitter Feed right now!

A free demo for the fastest widget creation for your website.
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