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How to Add Instagram Photo and Image Widget to WordPress

Do you have to embed a social gallery or a single image to a web project? Examine the cutting-edge cloud-based platform - Elfsight Apps, that will enable you to install any social plugin to a Weebly website in a wink and easily.

Add Photo Widget in Just 2 Minutes!

Demonstrate an amazing portfolio on your personal WordPress website with no programming experience in little more than a series of stages owing to our widget. Find out more about the plugin!

Video Guide

Action 1: Building Your Photo Widget

In order to publish the Instagram Widget gallery, you should log in the service and receive the exclusive code.

• Register or login to Elfsight Apps

First, to get access to our web service, you need to create an account. Present only accurate email addresses and passwords to register. If you already have an Elfsight Apps account, please, log in here.

• Select the appropriate gallery for your site

Our resource grants different plugins for online resources. To add Instagram gallery to a WordPress website, you have to pick out InstaLink.

• Make InstaLink comply with your demands

Select the color solution, styles and display settings to create the feed that will play into your website. InstaLink features:
  • Infinite number of combinations of Instagram sources (profiles, tags, locations and image URLs);
  • Extra source filters;
  • Possibility of limiting Instagram photos in the gallery;
  • Cache media time parameter;
  • Etc.
You can learn more about all the merits at the Instagram widget page.

• Achieve the script to insert it into your website

The concluding phase at Elfsight Apps is to receive the gallery script by clicking “Get” button beside the widget’s name.

Action 2: Embedding Photo Gallery on Your Web Resource

The final operation of setting up the plugin is to display the photo gallery on the website.

• Authorize in your WordPress profile

Enter the dashboard to edit the site.

• Go to pages’ section

Select a page to edit.

• Add the Instagram gallery

Add the plugin code to the required place.

• Done! The plugin’s installed

Go to website to check out the gallery.
The widget is compliant with any platform or CMS. Read how you can embed Instagram on any website.

Improving Your Photo Widget after Setup

In order to change the features or to alter the image source options after you’ve added the plugin to your platform, login to your proper account at Elfsight Apps. Now, enter «Dashboard» category and pick out editing InstaLink.

Advantages of Instagram image App InstaLink

Do you aspire to feature your pictures or organize a professional portfolio for your own blog? Take advantages of our easy-to-use and fast Instagram widget:
  • Perfect User Interface and design;
  • Support of any screen size and device;
  • Retina ready.
Moreover, the authors provide lifetime help with technical questions that will deal with every display or adjustment difficulty. See more our WordPress plugins.

Let Us Introduce You to Elfsight Apps

It is a cloud resource that allows you to paste any app in as little as a few clicks with no need in development knowledge. Our widget provides the opportunity to multiply productiveness and style the pages of your blog.

Try out the Instagram App for Free

Evaluate our Instagram widget and develop a unique gallery for your personal site right now.
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