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How to add Facebook Feed plugin to WordPress

Intergrate your Facebook content into the website and raise user interaction with the help of a free Facebook widget from Elfsight.

The main characteristics of our Facebook Feed

The plugin is 100% adaptive to various screen dimensions, and the interface settings make it fit into your page layout in a perfect way. Add posts, photos, and videos from your Facebook account with a touch of personalization.

Construct an effective service, using high-quality products to draw your target audience, and raise conversion to incredible heights.

Display and customize your plugin

See below how you can set up and customize your Facebook Feed.

Step 1: Creating your WordPress Plugin for Facebook

Create an account or go to the free editor to create a plugin

Set up your unique Elfsight Apps profile or authorize in your account. Here's a brief video guide on plugin creation and installation:

• Shape your feed

Change the widget configurations and design.

set up facebook plugin for WordPress website

• Get an integration code

Receive a widget code that is required to display the widget on your website.

Copy plugin code

Step 2: Adding the plugin on your WordPress site

• Log in to the admin panel

Go to WordPress dashboard.

log in the WordPress panel

• Go to Pages section

Click on Posts/Pages (or other pages folder) in the left-hand menu.

select the page

• Add the Facebook Feed code

Paste the widget code into the required place, and press “Update” to apply the changes.

add the plugin code

• The Facebook plugin has been installed!

You can check out the results on the page where you installed the widget.

add facebook plugin to wordpress website

How to Adjust Plugin Options after Installation

You can alter the layout and all other settings of the plugin in your account at Elfsight Apps. After you have saved the edits, they will be automatically carried out in your feed.


The most important properties of our Facebook Feed in comparison with other similar solutions:

  • Incredible appearance;
  • Absolutely adaptive;
  • Caching the results;
  • Flexible Appearance customization;
  • Allows to any Facebook content.

Detailed informaiton can be found on WordPress Facebook plugin page.

What is Elfsight Apps

An original product, to expand different CMS services’ efficiency.

Try out the Facebook Feed plugin online demo for free!

Generate a custom widget for your WordPress website.
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