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WordPress website hosting: which one to choose

There are tons of hosting providers out there around the web, and most of them usually meet WordPress's requirements. Choosing the best provider and hosting type can be a hard task, but we’ve come up with this guide that will help you make your choice and select the best type of hosting for your WordPress site. 

What is DNS hosting

WordPress website DNS hosting means a utility performing Domain Name System servers. Occasionally, domain name registrars equip DNS utilities with registration, but charge-free DNS utilities exist too - they are commonly under the sponsorship of some famous providers and telecommunication companies. Also, oceans of external DNS hosts grant Dynamic DNS. 

This form of web hosting utility is a top-of-the-line option in the event that the provider has lots of servers situated in distant areas over the world providing sturdiness and diminiting latency for people. By placing DNS hosts near end customers, DNS queries need to proceed a relatively shorter distance, culminating in faster web address resolution. 

What is VPS web hosting

A VPS stands for a virtual private server. It is a virtual operating system, allowing it to reside in a parent server and administer virtualization technology to grant dedicated assets to other virtual servers. 

The exclusive, emulated VPS hosting network is created on some gear - host (computer or any tool united with others and creating some kind of network), parent server or even a bunch of servers. 

And however VPS copies many of the parameters of a “real” server, it’s so far a piece of program, performing with similar operations and functionality. Routinely, VPS grants users with these opportunities: 

  • Accessing their VPS network from anywhere. 
  • Having assigned bandwidth for every instance. This helps to verify that the performance won’t be influenced by third-party businesses on the server. 
  • Acquiring more bandwidth and storage. 

VPS commonly uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers which are disconnected from each other. And by using a software that is a hypervisor, a provider can incorporate a virtual layer at the top of the OS to segment the servers. The segmentation allows users to use their own operational system and software, which culminates in building their own genuinely private server. 

VPS is useful to: 

  • Hosting web servers
  • Hosting from 1 to 10 sites - WordPress-based or any other
  • Creating and granting cloud-based maintenance
  • Creating and granting virtual workstations for remote workers
  • Keeping files to grant an access to them from anywhere in the world
  • Databases

With you know what VPS is and how it works, you surely can make an informed decision if it’s a sort of web hosting that suits your WordPress site requirements. 

What is Shared hosting

Shared web hosting stands for a type of hosting enabling you to host your WordPress site on an individual “real” server, the one that is likewise hosting some additional websites. There are some other tools and options accessible in the host server that make accessing your WordPress website much easier. 

There are also hundreds and so much as thousands of users that can be hosted on the same server. And they can benefit from it as it means that they share the payments too. This “group” usage makes this form of web hosting among the most cheap ones and actually applicable for small WordPress site owners. Numerous bloggers, small businesses and other website owners pick to start with this kind of hosting. 

Shared servers are comparable to PCs in a way that they both have hard drive space, a central processing unit also called CPU, and RAM. All these resources can be also shareable with all the users that are hosted by the server. This provides secured storing of all the hosted data, files, and information achievable. 

When a user tries to get access to your site from their PC, the infp kept within the server is delivered to the user by the host. Used jointly web hosting reaps profits of the best server utility as each separate WordPress site causes a various amount of traffic at a different distance of time. 

Below you’ll see a list of benefits a user of a shared web hosting has: 

  • The best prices. As we’ve noticed above, the prices of this type of service tend to be low thanks to other users depositing to its costs. 
  • Flexibility. There are numerous plans for a user to select from. And they’re all point at fitting the needs of huge amounts of sites placed within one server. 
  • Preservation. The sites, also applying your shreable server, can’t approach your website’s data. And some hosting companies also provide some additional security options. 
  • Seamless setup. It’s really quick and simple to set up a WordPress site on a shareable server. 
  • Easy to handle support. In most cases, the shared server is maintained by a host provider and does not request any actions on your end. So you can concentrate efforts on developing your WordPress site and evolving your business, not hosting problems. 

Accordingly, in case you don’t have much of a knowledge of hosting, want to spin out money, value your time and are more into developing your WordPress website, then shareable web hosting is just for you. 

What is Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting refers to the process of outsourcing solutions for some business’ storage and computing reserves to a service provider offering its infrastructure services as a utility model. The cloud provider - host - supervises security, cloud infrastructure, setup, and maintenance. Frequently customers are allowed by a host to configure tools and apps, as well as scale servers online. Calculating and storage resources are extended around hundreds of virtual machines also called VMs that need I/O load balancing within a cloud infrastructure configuration. 

It's a rather cheaper model in comparison to a classic dedicated host server model. The last one means that companies have to build their own data centers and supply them. They can result in really high spendings for an organization. 

Here you’ll see some benefits cloud hosting model for WordPress guarantees: 

  • Cloud hosting allows WordPress website owners to save a power of money on having and maintaining data centers. 
  • WordPress site owners get the possibility to adjust more aptly, settling only for the services and capabilities they need. 
  • Businesses picking cloud hosting acquire all data protection advantages - from high availability to fast emergency recovery. 
  • Using cloud hosting guarantees flexible and beneficial scalability in making applications, WordPress websites and other services. 

In conclusion, cloud hosting is good for those WordPress audiences, who are looking for almost impeccable uptime and are willing to enlarge their servers as they see fit, without facing any delay. 

Try also a cloud based Google Reviews Wordpress plugin for free!

What is dedicated hosting

One more kind of hosting for you to look at - dedicated hosting. This model presumes that a real server is provided by a host to a single client. The client is given complete control over the machine, so that it can be optimized according to their needs and concerns, overall performance and security admitted. 

The hosting provider here grants the real server and environment, same as technical help and associated services. And here are some strong reasons why a WordPress website owner might want to consider using a dedicated kind of hosting: 

  • It provides more control. Control over the dedicated network is executed by a host company’s IT staff. 
  • Higher flexibility. Companies are granted an opportunity to easily change server structure, take advantage of new software and adjust all the possibilities to make them answer needs. 
  • Better performance. Any team behind a WordPress website gets an option to improve a dedicated host server to reinforce their most demanding services. 
  • Great security. In the event that there are some specific security interests a business needs to accomplish, the host server may be customized. 

So in case your WordPress site has more custom demands, there’s a chance to fulfill them by selecting dedicated hosting. 

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