How to Add Instagram Feed Plugin for Yola

In this review, we will provide readers with a complete tutorial on how to add Instagram Widget to a Yola website. We will use the advantages of the product developed by Elfsight team - a remarkable cloud service with ready-made plugins for web platforms.

Create Your Own Instagram Grid

Perform a couple of easy steps to place the InstaShow to the desired web pages of your site. The likely setup duration is no longer than 4 minutes.

Act 1: Create an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

At first, in order to work with Elfsight web resource, you should set up a profile. Only enter true e-mail address and password to create an account. If you already have Elfsight Apps account, please, authorize here.
Login to Elfsight Apps

• Choose Instagram widget out of the app variety

Our resource grants different plugins which are ready to upgrade online resources. To display Instagram feed on a Yola website, you need to choose InstaShow.
Select Instagram feed plugin

• Adjust the Instagram feed

Configure the design, styles and presentation parameters to shape the gallery plugin that will fit your website in the best way. InstaShow advantages:
  • Choose one of 10 prepared color schemes;
  • Variable dimensions;
  • Browsing controls, containing arrows, scroll and drag;
  • Elfsight app is able to work in 16 languages;
  • etc.
You are able to find all the benefits at the Instagram plugin page.
Configure plugin for yola website

• Take the script to start InstaShow on your web resource

Copy plugin code

Act 2: Set up the InstaShow

It is possible to embed Instagram on any website, and further you can read instructions for Yola websites.

• Login to your Yola account

Go to the Yola website and log into the account the website is located at.
Login to your Yola account

• Go to site editor

Press "Edit this site” in your profile to go to web-editor.
Go to site editor

• Add the plugin code element

Select the page you need, the place to add the plugin, and drag the “HTML” element from the upper menu.
Add HTML element

• Paste plugin code to the page

After you’ve added the HTML element, you will see the field to paste the plugin code to. Save the changes by pressing “Save” below the popup window.
Paste widget code

• Publish the changes

After you’re done, move the changes to the website by pressing “Save” in the upper menu.
Save changes on Yola

• The plugin is now installed!

Go on to your domain to check out the results!
Add Instagram Feed Plugin for Yola

How to Correct App’s Options after Setup

You can change the gallery’s layout or the inserted social account in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you save the changes, they will be automatically applied to your product.

Best Instagram widget for Yola

InstaShow is a high-quality Instagram social feed with a great amount of settings, feed filtering, completely customizable style and a quick setup, which makes our app the best one among the other plugins.

What Is Elfsight Apps

It is a resource with cloud solutions that will let you enhance your site and make your online business more efficient. It only takes a few steps to show our solutions at any web page. Make your website more powerful using Elfsight Apps!

Try the Instagram Plugin for Free

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