How to Add Form Builder to OpenCart

Check out a short guideline how to install and set Online Form Builder for your own site. More leads and contacts from clientele together with Elfsight.

Step 1: Generate and Customize an Extension

The 1st phase – set the look and functionality.

Construct a necessary extension

Start designing a extension with the help of the editor or register in the service.

Acquire an extension code

Copy the extension installation code, which you received at Elfsight Apps, to place it on the website.

Step 2: Integrate the Extension on OpenCart Site

The 2nd phase – insert the created extension into the code of your web page or template.

Go to the administrator panel

Log into your website to open the editor and apply the required code adjustments.

Embed the extension embedding code

Enter the page where you plan to place the extension or a required template and put the extension code, which your designed at Elfsight Apps. Apply the changes.

This is it! The extension publishing was successful.

Elfsight's Impressive Variety of OpenCart Form Templates

Discover all the available OpenCart form options by exploring the catalog below and unlock your website's full potential:

Payment Order Form
Create a form for online ordering with payment gateways using the template for website.
Doctor Prescription Form
Create a form for healthcare professionals to fill out doctor prescriptions using the template for website.
Bulk Order Form
Create a website form with the template to let users place bulk orders.
File Upload Multistep Form
Create a form with multiple steps and a file upload feature using the template for website.
Popup Email Form
Create a form to collect email contact details and insert it in pop-ups using the template for website.
Popup Sign Up Form
Create a website form with the template to accept registration in the pop-ups.
Progress Bar Multistep Form
Create a form with multiple steps and show the progress with the progress bar attribute using the template for website.
Questions And Answers Quiz
Create a website quiz with the template to include multiple-choice questions and answers.
No Suitable Form Template?
Create your form with Elfsight AI by describing your requirements in plain language, or build your own form using our form builder.

A Fabulous Form Builder by Elfsight

Elfsight Form Builder is a multiuse form extension for generation of different forms to collect leads, feedback and opinions from your clientele. Why is Elfsight extension a must-have for any website? Here are its main benefits:

  • Predefined templates for various use-cases;
  • A full stack of handy features;
  • Integration with major mail services.

See more information about Form extension on its special page or see check other products on extensions for OpenCart page.

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