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Welcome popup appears as soon as a website visitor arrives. You can insert the most important information to it. For instance, you can navigate a visitor through discounts, offer a special coupon, or just introduce your company.
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How can I use a Welcome Popup widget?

The Welcome Popup Widget is an instrument to show a Welcome message in a popup box avoiding design or coding. Insert a Welcome popup into your website HTML and get it considered frequently. Just choose a ready for use template from a scale of variants, easily reshape it in a free online demo, and inject two lines of installation code to the utilized website builder: WordPress, Shopify, and many others. 

How to add a Welcome Popup to a website?

The construction is very simple! Below are the main steps, after which you’ll acquire a professional and an appealing Welcome popup. You have a chance to keep going and quickly regulate the widget’s and all elements’ colors, behavior, sizes, fonts, pictures. 

  1. Log into or register the Elfsight dashboard
  2. Pick Popup and opt for your favorite model
  3. Add a text block to your popup box in a Builder section
  4. Tweak the widget. Click ‘Save’
  5. You’ll see a code in window
  6. Paste it to HTML of your website

Following this, take into account that the Welcome message widget by Elfsight is a cloud-based instrument, which conveys it’s physically placed on our servers. It doesn’t slow down the speed of your website, there’s a chance to make modifications any time through Elfsight apps and they will display on the website at once.

Try the Message Popup for yourself! It’s free and you can create it in an online popup builder:
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What events trigger a pop-up?

Elfsight Welcome popup is top-notch for there is a possibility to determine its functioning however you need. The Welcome box will show up on any event you determine. For instance, it may show up after a particular time on page, on scroll, on page load, and so on. Here, there’s a possibility to find the paramount triggers which will help you make a Welcome popup come into view. 

  • Onclick
    This is most obvious and the easiest way of triggering a popup lightbox with a welcome message. It may appear after customers hit a particular element on a page. For instance, you have an opportunity to trigger a welcome message to appear in a box after the visitor’s tapped on just a link in the middle of a text or a call-to-action. 
  • Onload
    You don’t need to think of complex sequences of events and configurations. Plainly set up the Welcome message popup to pop up right on a load of a page, and benefit from website visitors becoming familiar with your product right away. On the other hand, be cautious about an onload adjustment for a Welcome modal. Banners and popups popping up at the wrong moment annoy most Internet users rather than vending. 
  • Onscroll
    The Popup box grants you a chance to make the Welcome message show up after a client has scrolled over a particular percentage or element of a web page. This operates incredibly when a website user has got acquainted with your brand, content, and deal, and is enthusiastic about purchasing something. In this case, a Welcome message will appear perfectly in time. 
  • On exit intent
    Are clients in a rush to abandon your website? It could be that they haven’t got acquainted with something really important on a page. Here’s what exit intent is for: clients click on an exit page button, and a Welcome popup shows up straight away. 

Select and customize the design of ready templates! 

Employing a Popup widget for demonstrating a Welcome message gives tons of benefits. 

  • Plenty of professional templates.
    There is a chance to take advantage of them with no further improvements or change any way you want. Templates are all changeable, adjustable, interactive, and exquisite! 
  • The configurator is plain, user-friendly and explicit.
    You can generate a popup by effortlessly putting different components together in it. It’s totally unnecessary to become a professional developer to make your video popup lightbox match the complete site design. 
  • Add video links from Vimeo and YouTube. They are the most common video hostings in the world, familiar to masses. 
  • Attach any type of elements: headings, texts, buttons, and images in any sequence.
    Be sure they will look perfect on any device customers employ. 


Nonetheless, you might still have queries regarding creating and installing the Welcome popup on a particular CMS. Lower down you can find guides for the most widespread CMS and site builders. The consistency is pretty the same for any other platform. And don’t forget: in case you come across any difficulties with tweaking, making, or inserting your Welcome popup widget, don’t hesitate for a second to get in touch with our support team – they’ll professionally help at that point.

How to embed a Welcome Popup on WordPress?

WordPress is nearly the most commonly used site builder. WordPress websites listed in search engines such as Google are lightweight and lovely. This is a typical platform for content publication, where Elfsight Welcome Popup acts exquisitely in HTML code. Further down you will discover how to add a Welcome message popup to your website built on WordPress: 

  1. Create a popup widget in Elfsight apps service
  2. Click ‘Save’ and acquire a custom installation code
  3. Now, go to a WordPress admin panel
  4. go get to ‘Pages’
  5. Go get to a page where you need to embed a Welcome message
  6. Paste an HTML section there
  7. Paste installation code there
  8. Save and take pleasure in the Welcome box online in WordPress

That’s right! After the Welcome plugin is added to WordPress, you have a possibility to turn back to Elfsight service any minute you desire and make alterations to it. All the modifications will show in the embedded widget once you save them, and there’s no need to go to WordPress HTML. 

Moreover, you can insert the Welcome popup to all pages. To do it, there is a possibility to go to the site template and embed an installation code in the footer or header.

How to install a Welcome lightbox on my platform?

Here’s the list of the most common CMS: Wix, Shopify, Squarespace. Discover yours and do not waste time to add a Welcome in popup to the website on any platforms for content management – it’s pretty effortless.