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Airbnb Reviews Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Airbnb Reviews and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Adding review to your site in seconds

If you have a Airbnb account, where customers leave their comments and impressions, it’s just a couple of clicks to embed them into your website. With our widget, all you need to do is to get authorized on Airbnb as a page admin. The widget will find the comments and display them on your site. It’s also auto-updating, so as soon as a new review is published on Airbnb, it will be on your site, too.

Choose what will go to the website

Elfsight widget will help your display only positive or the most relevant client reviews about your apartment or hotel. For this, there are 3 filters in the widget. You can choose to display all or only positive; Exclude By filter sorts out reviews with the keywords which you set; and using quantity filter, you can choose how many of them to show.

Boast your high rating on the site

Impressions of your guests are the best ways to prove to users that your business deserves trust, and they must look trustworthy, too. With our widget, website visitors will see not only the text of the recommendation, but maximum convincing details: author’s name, picture, the date of adding, an Airbnb and recommendation icons, and a star rating. And those are switchable. Having familiar Airbnb design details the feedback will be flawlessly trustworthy!

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Active review-request button

Don’t stop at just showing reviews – get new ones. The call-to-action button in our widget header offers visitors to leave a new recommendation immediately. When a visitor is ready to comment, then Yes button will lead them to your Airbnb page. No button will either hide the request, or show your message. In the message, you can enter any text and links, for instance your email for feedback.


Three predefined templates

With Elfsight widget, your Airbnb reviews will look sleek, yet keep the details of well-recognized Airbnb design. We offer three templates: Classic template will preserve original Airbnb look, Bubble will put author details under the text, and Spotlight will place all the elements center and put the accent on the text.

Six versions of layout

There are 6 types of layout at your disposal, so you will be able to establish the best position of your reviews on the pages of your website. They may go one by one by means of List option; choose Grid to construct a grid of reviews; Slider will show an active reviews carousel; Masonry will put comments in optimum position depending on available vertical space; Floating Badge will pursue your visitor as he scrolls the page, and the Embeddable badge is there to seamlessly fit the reviews element into the site design. Each layout contains additional settings: via Slider, you are free to choose arrows or drags for navigation, choose sliding speed and pagination variant, and with every layout, you can set the number of testimonials to show per page.

Set custom size parameters

Choose height and width in pixels or percentage. Try all parameters and find the optimum. In addition, with any parameters you choose, your Airbnb Reviews will look flawless on tablets and mobile phones because it features the mobile optimization.


Change font size and weight

The text is one of the most important parts of the widget, you can choose the size of the font yourself. At your disposal are the options for the title and for the text of the recommendation, so you can change them separately. For the title text, you can also choose regular or bold weight of the font.

Paintable interface elements

If you have the widget by Elfsight, your Airbnb reviews simply can’t look out of style. There are five elements that you can paint independently: review text, and background, links, review request button, and a star rating. Try out different combinations or stick to the familiar Airbnb colors – it’s you to decide!


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