WordPress Airbnb Reviews plugin

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WordPress Airbnb Reviews plugin
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Embed Airbnb Reviews on WordPress with the Elfsight widget

If you need to reveal your high rating and convince site website visitors that your accommodation is popular, Elfsight Airbnb Reviews widget will be the right choice. Using this widget, you will be able place users’ reviews from Airbnb on your website with information about their authors, use filters to show only the best, show ratings and a redirect button that will lead people to your Airbnb page, so that they can write their review.

How can I add Airbnb user reviews on my WordPress website?

Simply build your plugin, then modify its design and save your changes. Copy the code of your plugin and add it into the layout you are using.

How to get Airbnb customers′ reviews for product pages?

You can easily do it with the help of a call-to-action button. By clicking it the users will be directly transferred to your profile.

May I design a Airbnb rating extension / badge template?

Follow the steps from the uncomplicated guide below:

  1. Use our demo and start building your customized plugin.
  2. Customize the plugin functionality and save the essential adjustments.
  3. Receive your individual code appearing in the window.
  4. Insert the plugin code into your homepage and save it.
  5. Congrats! You’ve smoothly implemented Elfsight widget on the page.

Main features of the Airbnb Reviews widget

Here’s the list of the primary functions and features of our widget. They make it really efficient for you:

  • 3 options of filters: by type, exclude by, and amount of reviews for displaying;
  • The active button for posting one more review takes visitors to the Airbnb page;
  • Two variants of scenarios after review request rejection: reveal your message or hide the button.

Get to know more features in demo

Here’s how to embed the Airbnb Reviews plugin on your WordPress website

The below steps are the only thing you need to establish.

  1. Manage our free demo and start working with your custom-made plugin.
    Pick the selected layout and parameters of the Reviews plugin and apply all the edits.
  2. Acquire the individual code which appears in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    After the establishing of your plugin is finished, copy your code in the emerged box and save it for further usage.
  3. Commence usage of the plugin on your WordPress site.
    Implement the code you’ve saved before in your page and apply the adjustments.
  4. Done! The embedding is fully accomplished.
    Visit your site to see in action the work of the plugin.

Stil can’t make up your mind? Or experiencing problems? Just a single request to our support team will resolve any issue.


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