Age Verification Online For Tobacco Sales

Prove your users’ age using this simple and customizable template. Integrate it quick and with no programming.

Selling age-restricted goods or services? Then you should have age verification online for tobacco sales. This template is a perfect method to make your restricted content available to the full aged only. It’s preset, only set the age limit. The features enable to pick the position on the page and various other options.

  • Show additional text with links supported under the verification button
  • Enter the text of button caption
  • Paint overlay and popup backgrounds to your taste

How to embed the widget for Age Verification Online For Tobacco Sales on my website?

To add our widget, you don’ need coding competence or any skills with your website platform

  1. Register in our service via the demo in order to use a preset template;
  2. Copy the installation code, that which appears in your page of Elfsight Apps;
  3. Paste the code to a the page where you plan to embed the widget or into the website template;
  4. Save the edits. Success!

When you feel like further customizing your widget, you are welcome to do it in your personal account at Elfsight Apps. It’s not required to change the website code.

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