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Tobacco & Vaping templates for website

Ensure legal adherence and user safety with our Tobacco & Vaping templates for website pages. Seamlessly verify the user age for products like cigars, tobacco, vaping, or hookah. Set requirements, elevate user trust, and foster compliance to create a secure online environment for enthusiasts.
G2 Badges
Vape Age Verification
Add a verification template to a vape-related website to comply with age restrictions and foster responsible practices.
E-Cigarettes Age Verification
Embed an age verification template on your e-cigarettes website page to ensure legal compliance.
Cigars International Age Verification
Adding a verification widget can help you check the international age of your website users to give a secure environment.
Hookah Age Requirement
Create a responsible environment for your hookah-themed website with this age requirement widget.
Embedding an age verification widget is the best way to fortify your website's integrity with online tobacco sales.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

Why is Elfsight Tobacco & Vaping template the best?

Optimize your website with a smooth age confirmation process using the Tobacco & Vaping templates by Elfsight. Establish the minimum age criteria and regulate underage activities, ensuring only appropriate users can access the content. Personalize the Age Verification widget to mirror the business style, obtain the embed line of code, and watch your website aligning with local guidelines. Enjoy a straightforward setup for top-notch efficiency!

Why Elfsight Tobacco & Vaping are the Best?

Tobacco & Vaping Widget Features and Integrations

Minimum Age Requirement
3 Verification Methods
Underage Action
Verification Prompt Frequency
Preselected Page Display
Custom Content Message
Advanced Styling Settings
Custom CSS & JavaScript Editors
Tech-Free Customization
Mobile Optimized
Page-Speed Friendly Lazy Loading
Seamless Website Integration

How to add Tobacco & Vaping widget to website

If you want to add the Tobacco & Vaping widget to your website, complete the step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Sign in to your Elfsight dashboard.
  2. Extract the setup code that’s been automatically generated for you.
  3. Navigate to your website editor.
  4. Insert the code and save your edits. That’s it!

If you still need help, please address the Elfsight Support Team.


Can I embed the Tobacco & Vaping plugin without coders?

Indeed! The coding-free widgets define Elfsight: no developer engaging or third-party coder dependency is required. You’re encouraged to add the Tobacco & Vaping template to your website with the automatically generated string of copy-paste code provided by our team.

How can I add the slides to the widget?

Add your unique message to the Age Verification widget by accessing the “Content” menu section within the live demo. You will discover several choices for integration: logo, heading, caption, action button label, and other relevant information.

What website builders and CMS are compatible with the Tobacco & Vaping widget?

With a compatibility rate of 99.9%, our plugins are the perfect solution for almost any website builder. Check out just a few of the most common ones:

Squarespace, Wix, HTML, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Elementor, Google Sites, GoDaddy, iFrame, and many others.

Where can I add the Tobacco & Vaping widget on my website?

Ultimately, it’s all about what matches your requirements, to be candid. Remember, the primary objective is to have it strategically where adherence to legal guidelines regarding age is imperative. These are several pivotal pages where you might opt to embed the widget: the homepage, content page, product pages, transaction completion pages, and landing pages.

Can I customize the Tobacco & Vaping template?

Absolutely! Begin by formulating your verification message, then tweak the visual aspects by setting up the accent colors, font style, size specifications, popup format, etc. Moreover, in case you are familiar with coding, consider experimenting with custom CSS and JS editors.

Are the Tobacco & Vaping templates mobile-friendly?

Yes! Elfsight is excited to ensure mobile-ready widgets: you can trust in the best performance. The Tobacco & Vaping templates excel on any gadget—mobile devices, personal computers, laptops, and tablets—without encountering malfunctions.