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WordPress Age Verification app
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Embed Age Verification on WordPress with the Elfsight widget

Our widget will become the easiest method to get an immediate notification which will verify the age of a user. This widget helps make age-limited materials reachable for users of full age and hide them away from the underage visitors. There are options to appoint a required age restriction, specify verification form, introduce the popup into all website or only selected pages, and appoint the scenario after. The appearance can be adapted, too featuring paintable elements and the possibility to add your own pictures.

Where on my website can I integrate this plugin

You can choose to embed the verification popup on all website or pick the pages where to show it. Also, there’s the feature to exclude the pages where you don’t want it.

What are the benefits of having Age Verification for me?

Using our widget, it’s maximum easy and fast to create an age-check popup and hide your content from underaged users. Thus, you will make sure your site meets legal requirements. Also, it will give you more target visitors and valid customers.

How can I add Age Verification on my WordPress website?

You only need a minute of your time to set the notification up. The process is super speedy, free, and doesn’t involve coding.

There’s an option to embed the widget to the website through our service. For this see the instructions down on this page.

Main features of the Age Verification widget

In order to achieve a clear perception of the widget, you can look through the list of its most outstanding features. They make our widget maximum beneficial for your store:

  • Select one of three check types: asking for full birthdate, only the year of birth, or a question with Yes and No answers;
  • Choose to remember users for any period of time;
  • 2 scenarios after access denial: to show a text or direct a user to any address;
  • Upload a custom picture to add to the check window;
  • Provide extra information and links under the verification button.

Our demo will reveal more features to you

See how to embed the Age Verification plugin to your WordPress site

Just tale these steps and enjoy the work of the widget:.

  1. Launch our free editor and start building your custom-built Verification plugin.
    Determine the selected form and specifications of the plugin and save all the edits.
  2. Get the personal code appearing in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    After the configuration of your plugin is finished, copy the individual code from the appearing popup and keep it for future use.
  3. Commence utilization of the plugin on your WordPress site.
    Place the code you’ve saved recently in your web page and save the improvements.
  4. The installation is successfully ended.
    Open your webpage to see how’s the plugin working.

Still not sure? Or have queries? Simply send your request to our customer support team; they will help with every trouble.


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