Age Verification Examples

Check Age Verification examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Whisky

You can verify the age of your visitors by requesting only the year of birth. The widget automatically calculates if a user full aged based on the limitation that you set. The website content stays hidden behind the overlay picture until the age is confirmed.

Example 2: Default

When you choose to display buttons in the widget - for full age and underage options - you can paint them custom colors and write your own labels. The text of the notification can also be edited, as well as the font size.

Example 3: Beer

To make the widget look clean, you can apply Clear Color option to the notification window and make it blend with the overlay picture, as you can see in this example. The logo of the company is added to achieve authenticity.

Example 4: Wine

Here’s an example of what the widget will look like, when it’s set to request the full date of birth. The notification window is transparent, and together with with the overlay picture it looks well-balanced.

Example 5: Vaping 1

There’s no need to ask users for their exact age. With our widget you can simply offer two buttons: to confirm or deny the full age. A choice of black overlay background and black-and-white colors of the notification window create a strict clean look.
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Example 6: Vaping 2

The widget looks extremely stylish and bright thanks to custom combination of yellow and purple colors. Additional info below the buttons shows active links to the Privacy Policy.

Example 7: Cigars

This widget in colors complimentary with tobacco is not only stylish, but also handy to use. It is set to remember each verified visitor for 30 days, so that they will not have to go through the process again.

Example 8: Marijuana

When your site combines age-sensitive content and the content that is available for everyone, there’s no need to protect all pages from underage users. Just set the widget to the selected pages and the rest will stay free to discover.

Example 9: Adult Content 1

Wonder what happens after a visitor claims to be underage or doesn’t want to view the content? You can choose the scenario yourself. The widget will either see a message from you or they will be redirected to other address.

Example 10: Adult Content 2

This example shows the widget which is not only eye-catching, but provides a detailed notification about the content. You can add any text in the caption, which supports formatting, lists, links and font options.

Example 11: Adult Content 3

This stylish widget is set so that the overlay picture takes up all the space of the website. And no matter what device your visitors use for browsing, the widget is fully responsive to look just as gorgeous with any screen resolutions.

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