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Age Verification Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Age Verification and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Start it all with a right message

Your message in the age check window is the first text, which users will see on your website. It can set the tone of the further experience. Write your own text of the message, choose a friendly or witty approach to make it comfortable for visitors. You are free to set the font size of the message and choose the color of the text.

Age limit setting

We have made the age limit option flexible, so that you can set your own number and the verification will work for different regional law requirements. You can easily choose what age limitation to set, entering the right number.

Choose one of three verification methods

Elfsight Age Verification offers you to choose one of three verification methods. You can ask a user to enter their full date of birth, request only the year, or set a question with Yes and No buttons as answers. In each variant, the text of the message and buttons are editable.

Two scenarios for underage users

Whenever a user confirms that they are full-aged, they will be granted access to your website. And for underaged users, you have two possible scenarios. Either they will see a message from you, or they will be redirected to any address that you enter in the settings of the widget.

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Automatic recurring verification

There’s an option that will save your loyal visitors from entering their age over and over again. You can choose the period, during which the widget will remember a user. It means, their age will be automatically verified and they will not have to enter it again. This will surely contribute to a better user experience.

Display the widget site-wide or on single pages

All use cases are different, and you may need to add age check to specific pages instead of the whole website. We have considered this in Elfsight Age Verification,too, so you can choose where to display the widget. It can be on all pages, you can set specific pages where to show it, or, on the contrary – the pages that need to be excluded.

Tip: If you have just several pages with age-sensitive content, you can simply choose Exclude option and add their URLs, Thus, all visitors will be able to visit your site, but only full-age will have access to those pages.

Show additional info

If you need to direct users to your website terms of use or would like to explain something in more detail, you can use additional info box. This text field supports all popular formatting options, such as font weight, lists, align, and also you can add links to redirect users to another website or page, which will open in new tab option.


Add overlay image and show your logo

You can upload your own images to the widget to make it match your company style. Overlay image will help hide the website content during the verification process. You can also upload your logo, it will be displayed above the message, and add a picture to the verification window.

Control the colors of the interface

Thanks to five paintable elements of the interface, you can make verification window an integral part of your website design. You can choose popup background and overlay picture background colors, paint Yes and No buttons and set color of the font.


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