How to add Testimonials Slider plugin to Joomla

The detailed guide on adding and configuring Testimonials module to your personal Joomla site. The tutorial doesn’t need coding experience or any considerable professional skills to use it and its embedding lasts for about several minutes.

Plugin Characteristics

Elfsight Customer Testimonials allows you to insert reviews and publish them as your users’ testimonials on your goods or service. Real-life posts that allow to check out the rating’s author are the optimal tool of growing user confidence and raising website conversion.

Plugin’s features and basic characteristics:

  • Totally adaptive template;
  • A number of attractive preset appearance templates available;
  • Added logo, name and other conversion features;
  • Support for all users.

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How to Install the Testimonials Plugin

If any difficulties appear in the course of the guide execution, message our support center and our we'll be happy to advise.

Part 1: Setting up the widget

Create your own user account or login to your profile

Provide your own email and enter a password. If you already have an active account, you will only have to access it at Elfsight Apps.

create your own user profile

Subscribe to a widget

Select Testimonials Slider widget from the list and click on it to go to the product’s page.

subscribe to a plugin

Set up the settings

Choose a design you like or create your widget from the very beginning. You can see details on all the characteristics at the testimonials plugin’s page.

set up the confuguration

Take the widget’s code

To finish the first step, you need to get the widget code that you should add to the required site.

take the testimonials extension code

Part 2: Embedding Testimonials to a Joomla website

Open Joomla admin panel

Enter the dashboard to go to site management panel.

open joomla website

Go to the “Articles” section or to any corresponding section

Open pages’ list to select the page to place the plugin on.

go to the “page” section

Go to the selected page

Open the required page to make the changes.

select the page

Edit the page

Switch the content to HTML mode and insert the widget code. To save the edits and publish the page, press “Save”.

edit the page


The widget’s been successfully installed!

how to add testimonials plugin to joomla website

How to adjust plugin parameters?

After you place the code on the web-page, you will be able to make the edits in your user account at Elfsight Apps. You can carry out the changes via your Elfsight Apps profile in our simple editor and apply them.

The modifications are automatically updated and you don’t require to adjust the code every time.

What is Elfsight Apps?

It is a cloud platform to extend your site with the help of extensions. Install useful functions and link your site with social media to draw more users and customers.

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