How to add Facebook Like Button Module to Joomla

Let your visitors show on Facebook how much they like you

Get Liked on Facebook, popular and rich!

Facebook is a very great social proof to have. The more Facebook likes your page gets, the more prospective customers will trust you. Add the Facebook Like button to your website, and let people show how much they like you!!!

Creating your Joomla module for Facebook

Set up a profile or log into your account

Set up your own Elfsight Apps account or log into your account.

Go to Elfsight Apps website

• Choose the required module

Select Facebook Like Button in the list of offers.

Select Facebook Like Button module

• Generate your module

Choose the plugin’s settings and appearance.

Set up module for Joomla website

• Copy the integration code

Copy the app script to embed on your personal site.

Copy module code

Pasting to your site

• Authorize in Joomla admin panel

Go to admin panel to make changes to the website.

Go to Joomla admin panel

• Edit the website

Click “Templates” in the upper “Extensions” menu to install the module into a template, or open the pages’ folder.

Edit the website

• Select the page

Choose the page you need from the existing pages list.

Select the page

• Add the module code

Paste the Elfsight Apps code to the required place.

Paste module`s code

• Joomla Module for Facebook has just been added!

You’ve successfully completed the installation.

Facebook Like Button for Joomla Website

How to Change Plugin’s Configuration after Setup

You have the opportunity to adjust the gallery’s parameters or the featured Facebook profile in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you apply the corrections, they will be automatically installed to your product.

A couple of words about Elfsight Apps

A unique platform, to increase numerous Content management systems sites’ efficiency.

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