How to Add Social Media Icons to Joomla

Elfsight is proud to announce the released a Social Icons module, that will help you increase the number of users of your business social media accounts. Make use of Elfsight Apps cloud-based solution for an uncommonly rapid and facile installation of various solutions for platforms.

What you obtain from implementing the icons module for Joomla

Advertise your own social accounts and fascinate more viewers

Social module’s how-to manual in 2 quick actions

If you’re suddenly running into plugin embedding or featuring up complications, please, alert our technical support at Elfsight Help unhesitatingly.

Video Guide

Create an account and perform two clear manipulations to install the module to your website. The whole insert period takes less than 2 minutes.

Phase 1: Construct the icons

Select the icons’ style and duplicate the module’s script.

• Get registered

Register at the service or authorize at the platform at our service to advance the setup.

• Select «Social Icons» module

To add the icons, click on Social Icons.

• Customize the icons

Set up the icons and their style in the module’s settings section.

• Receive the module’s code

Obtain your specific icons’ code to feature at your platform.

Phase 2: insert the module to the web resource

• Login to your Joomla account

•Find the template to edit

Go to main menu, "Extensions" tab and then pass on to the "Templates" section and click "Templates" link.

• Select your theme

Select the theme that is currently installed on the website from the available themes list.

• Paste the icons

Find the file with the header, footer and menu elements in the list of templates, and copy the Elfsight Apps code to that file. Save the changes.

• You have installed the social media icons on Joomla!

You have installed the app successfully. To check out the icons, go to your website.

Reconfiguring your app after setup

If you need to improve the icons’ design after the plugin has been built in to a Weebly online store, authorize in your personal profile at Elfsight Apps and indicate the required parameters. After you’ve applied these changes, the controls will be passed on to your web resource by default.

Advantages of embedding the Social Media Icons module

The principal aspects of icons are the following:

  • 50+ SVG social networks and media resources icons in one product (Facebook, Email, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.);
  • You will find 1 500+ combinations of visual modifications that involve totally flexible sizes, colors, 6 eye-catching styles and 5 creative animations – all you’re looking for to make the widget a perfect fit for your website;
  • You no longer need to size up the icons in Photoshop and embed the modifications to your site’s code;
  • The decrease in the weight of your site, which influences the resource’s loading speed in a valuable way.

Select your unique style and stay in touch with your users at any place.

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