How to Increase Reviews on Google

In this blog post, check out the best practices gathered in one place to help you increase reviews on Google. Perform these simple steps to grow your business.
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How to Increase Reviews on Google

Why Increase Google Reviews Number? 

You may have wondered what the correlation between the number of customer reviews and business conversion rates is. To answer this question, let us imagine a hypothetical situation. There is a future customer out there who is choosing between two possible options. Option A seems okay but doesn’t provide any customer feedback. On the other hand, option B has a starred rating and a bunch of positive feedback from those who have already bought the product. So, the first question can be answered by replying to the other one: “Who has more likely won the hypothetical customer’s trust, and what option did they pick?” If you said that it’s option B, you are correct. Several reasons why are:

  1. No matter what you say about your business, possible customers want to see what others say about you in the first place;
  2. With online reviews, chances are that a Google searcher will pay attention to your business; 
  3. The number of reviews does matter, as consumers tend to get acquainted with at least ten of them before making a decision;
  4. Google reviews can serve as a local SEO-ranking factor and lead to the promotion of your business.

Besides, you can benefit from increasing Google reviews thanks to the process’ simplicity. Later on, it will be explained in a detailed way. It should also be mentioned that the process is fee-free for you and you can get more consumers at no charge with all the benefits Google reviews have to offer. 

Increase Business Reviews on Google: Before Getting Started

So, you want to increase Google reviews to attract new customers to your business. However, do not rush and get prepared for the process. Before you start, check if you:

  • Follow Google’s Terms of Service meaning that you don’t promise any reward for leaving a review and keep to honesty. The only thing you can ask from your customers is to share their personal experiences, positive or negative regardless;
  • Have your business marked as “Place” on Google Maps so that your profile is a Google Business one. This way it’s easy for your customers to share their experiences;
  • Have verified your Google Business Profile to have control over Google Maps listing. This can be done by creating a Google My Business account and verifying your Business Profile through it. 

These steps are important not only because they prepare you for the process to increase your business reviews on Google, but also manage and reply to the reviews once you’re through the process.

Tips to Increase Business Reviews Number on Google

Now you know how Google reviews can positively impact your business and have everything ready. What’s next? In this section, discover the 7 most effective ways to grow the number of your reviews. Be sure to get all the instruments at hand. Here are all of them listed:

Create a custom shortcut link that will lead your clients directly to reviews on Google 

It will help you shorten the process needed for them to perform. When your users go online to leave you a review, they need to take certain steps: open Google Maps, find your business, click it to go to your profile on Google Business, then scroll to the reviews section and write their review. Sounds tough and time-consuming, and you will earn your customers’ affection simply by giving them a short link that will redirect them to Google reviews from your site. 

To have a shortcut link, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit your account on Google My Business.
  2. Go to the “Home tab”, then choose the “Get your first review” / “Get more reviews” option.
  3. Copy your personal shortcut link by clicking “Share review form”. 

Done! With this link, increase the possibility that customers will seamlessly share their experience with you on Google.

Make a reviews section of your website noticeable 

More likely is that a customer first visits your site if they want to drop a few words about their impression with you. Adding a clear and noticeable call to action to a customer feedback section, that redirects users to your Google Business Profile, will catch their attention and increase their willingness to share personal experiences. 

Another great way is to create a separate website page that will be entirely devoted to users’ reviews, either on Google or in general. Your page should also have an eye-catching call to action. Moreover, taking the feedback you already have on Google and displaying it on your site page will not only attract new consumers but also invite those familiar with your business to leave a couple of sentences on what they think. 

And lastly, if you choose to have a separate website page to display customer reviews, you can include it in the footer. This will give you a chance to not bother much about CTA placement, as your users will see the reviews section immediately when they scroll down your website. 

You can also use plugins to lessen the laborious work of embedding your reviews. For example, Elfsight’s Google Reviews plugin can help you add customer feedback to your website or a separate web page with a click. It offers diverse customization features for you to reduce the time needed for implementing the tips discussed in this passage. 

Use “Leave us a review” cards to gather more user feedback offline

Remember the first tip to generate your custom shortcut link? It’s time to take advantage of it. Firstly, it’s recommended to shorten the link so it’s more visually appealing and not as long as the original one. To do this, you can go to or similar services. 

Once you have your custom link shortened, it’s time to create a text for your cards that will encourage offline visitors to go online and leave you a review. It can sound something like: 

“How did you like our service? We would very much appreciate it if you left us a brief review on Google. Help other people get to know us, share your experience, and let us know your opinion on how to make our service better! Here is a short link for your convenience /link/. Thank you!”

Mind the design of your “Leave us a review” cards, so that they not only have a convenient link and polite text but are also visually attractive. 

Use email messages to Increase feedback reach

You may also want to start an email campaign and reach some or all of your customers for their feedback. When asking to leave a Google review by sending email messages, keep to being clear about what you ask for. Create a message using polite and precise words that will give users an understanding of what you want them to do and why. 

Or, you can go the other way and add your shortcut link leading to Google reviews in your email signature at the end of your letters. This unobtrusive method can be as well beneficial to increase feedback from your users. 

Include Google reviews link to your social media accounts

If your business has an account on Facebook, Twitter, or/and other social media platforms, it can be a great way to post reviews shortcut there and invite your users to share their feedback. You can also strengthen your post with screenshots of the most positive customer experience. However, check that you keep to the review rules of each platform you use to avoid undesired situations. 

Increase user feedback by replying to what they have to say on Google

Whether positive or negative, customer reviews serve as an important tool for you to know your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Respond to each review so that new users know that you mind the customer experience shared with you. Key points to replying to positive reviews are for you to show gratitude, and be specific and punctual. This can increase positive feedback from your users even more. On the other hand, pay more attention to politeness and problem-solving if it comes to responding to negative experiences. Do not forget to reach out timely as well. 

Record a video tutorial on how to leave a Google review

Some users prefer visual guidance when it comes to writing a review on Google. Create one with step-by-step instructions so they could be sure the process is fast and easy. By doing so, your customers know that you care about their convenience and time. 

Now you have the tools to increase the number of users sharing their experience. You can use some or all of them and check what works best for you. 

How to Ask Your Customers to Leave a Google Review

In this section, you will find some points to keep in mind when asking your users for a Google review. With them, increase the possibility of more shared feedback and enjoy the effect it has on your business conversion rates. 

When you ask your users for an offline review, pay attention to the moments when they feel happy about your business and then offer to leave you feedback. Thank them and mention that their review will give other people an opportunity to also enjoy your service. Do not demand but suggest, and keep to being clear and polite. Now your beautiful review cards with a link to Google reviews come at hand.

Also, highlight how easy it is for your customer, either online or offline, to share their opinion about your service. Use phrases like ‘Drop us a review” or similar to that. Make users know that the review doesn’t have to be more than 1-2 sentences long, they can even not write anything and leave a starred review. 

Use the given tools to ensure your customers leaving you a review on Google is not torture but a delight. 

Alternative Ways to Write a Google Review 

The shortcut link provides an opportunity for a one-step process for your customers to leave a review. However, you should know the whole process as there may be users that do not have your shortcut. Here, learn more about the original process to share with your customers who may need it:

Writing a Google review on mobile devices

  1. Open the Google Maps application.
  2. In a search field, search for a business by name.
  3. There will be a listing that you should tap on.
  4. Choose the “Reviews” tab and tap it as well. 
  5. A “Rate and review” section will appear. 
  6. Rate the service with as many stars as you wish. 
  7. After that, you will find a review option available to write brief feedback. 
  8. Press “Post” and you’re done!

Writing a Google review on a desktop

  1. Visit the Google Maps application.
  2. Type a business name and start searching.
  3. Open the listing by clicking on it.
  4. Scroll till the end of the listing.
  5. Choose the “Review summary” option. 
  6. Click “Write a review”.
  7. Rate the service and briefly describe your impressions.
  8. Click on “Post” to publish your experience.  

Another way to go is to click the star rating of the service that can be found right below its title in the listing. This way you will be redirected to the review pane where you will find an option to write your review. If you go like that, you will only need the last two points of the desktop tutorial. 

Summing It Up

So, now you know how your business can benefit from a customer feedback increase. Moreover, you have learned how to prepare yourself for the process and have all the necessary tools to increase shared user experience. It’s time for you to implement them and get more Google reviews. Good luck!