Can I Use Etsy Reviews on My Website? A Detailed Explanation

Etsy reviews can be an invaluable asset for any business owner selling their handmade creations, vintage goods, and crafting supplies online. But can you actually use Etsy reviews on your website? And how do you go about it? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this blog post. So let’s dive in!
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Can I Use Etsy Reviews on My Website? A Detailed Explanation

Why Should You Pay More Attention to Etsy Reviews?

Given that Etsy is one of the global online marketplaces at this point, the environment is quite competitive—1.8 million sellers. It’s crowded, for sure.

In a Mid-Year Report of 2022, Etsy stated the increased number of shoppers from 47.1 million to 89.1 million and massive investments in search improvements. 

But still, this might not be enough to convert prospects and promote your store. So if you are on a mission to sell more and advertise your products, you need something extra than depending only on Etsy’s overall ranking and number of buyers on a platform. 

Our article focuses on Etsy Reviews and defining their part in your business workflow.

Etsy reviews provoke a strong feeling of trust or suspicion in potential customers. They emphasize the ordinary person’s experience and the positive or negative consequences they have faced, causing confidence in purchasing or not purchasing decisions about a product in the online store. 

Etsy reviews work well not only on a marketplace platform but perhaps play the role of social proof across the Internet in hindsight. The self-inner compulsion to accomplish goals might bring you to this question: can I use Etsy reviews on my website to grow my business and advertise my products?

Yes, the answer is positive. In all honesty, we already have a quicker way to do that without any programming skills: the Etsy Reviews widget. Here’s what you need to embed the plugin into your website:

  1. Log in to the Elfsight dashboard or create a new account, then find the Etsy Reviews plugin in the apps section. 
  2. Start customizing the plugin: choose a template, add a source, change a layout, pick a review style, set up filters and sorting, etc.
  3. Save your final result and get a code to embed on your website.
  4. Paste the code into the website editor. And you’ve completed all the steps!

Stand out from the competition, improve the customer experience, and make more profit with this plugin!

10 Features of Etsy Reviews Widget From Elfsight

The Etsy Reviews plugin from Elfsight provides some cool features to help businesses embed Etsy reviews into their websites and make them fully original. Let’s take a look at the characteristics that make this widget stand out:

Integration The plugin extension connects to your Etsy page and uses it to reveal the existing feedback. Keep in mind to include only .com links as sources; the other ones wouldn’t be supported.
Accessibility The Etsy widget is fully responsive and can be automatically adjusted to fit any device or screen size. So regardless of any circumstances, this extension feature ensures your potential customers can scroll through the reviews on a website from any digital device—phone, tablet, computer, or laptop—and don’t get any reason to become frustrated.
AI-Generated Summary This trendy feature observes all posted reviews on your Etsy shop and gives a complete picture of what people think about your products by combining the highlight points. Consider picking one of the two styles and adding dynamic animation to the text.
Note: This a new addition to the set of features for this Etsy plugin that we think you will love! Or at least be tempted to try it out.
Reviews Sorting The extension acquires data and sorts it in two ways: most recent or random. Depending on the chosen option, your website visitors will observe the provided cases and build their perceptions of the products.
Filters Explore three filters—exclude, type, and quantity—to accurately reflect people’s opinions in the reviews section on your website. You can remove or display reviews that fit under specific criteria, set the number of reviews and ratings, etc.
Customizable Design The plugin also includes a custom color scheme generator, fonts, title, header, navigation controls, and Custom CSS options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your reviews section to match your website branding and design.
Alongside this, you have the freedom to change post and review styles with built-in design choices.
Write A Review Button Another feature to announce is the Write A Review button that redirects website visitors to your Etsy page. This allows you to easily collect feedback from customers who have already had a great experience with your product.
Templates To reflect your character, the reviews integration offers twelve templates: Carousel Widget, Floating Badge, Grid, Badge, Slider, Dark Carousel, Masonry, List, Dark Floating Badge, Sidebar Widget, Simple Carousel, and Dark Grid.
Layout Embed one of six layout variants so you can place the Etsy widget in the most suitable position for maximum visibility and engagement on your website.
Multilingual Support The widget also supports more than 20 multiple languages, which helps you reach a wider audience. You can also replace the set-up phrases and navigation words with your own to make the plugin more unique.

How to Embed Etsy Reviews Extension into Your Website?

If you like to find the easiest way to embed Etsy Reviews plugin into your website, then you’re in the right place. The process involves a couple of minutes and seven simple steps to achieve outstanding results. Speculation or not, check out a detailed tutorial:

Let’s describe the mentioned steps in text format:  

  1. Pick the Log in or Sign Up Free option to locate the Elfsight admin dashboard.
  2. Go to the Application menu and select the Etsy Reviews integration in the catalog.
  3. The customization begins: choose the template, add the Etsy website page link as a source, change the layout, specify the color scheme, go through fonts, and decide on the review style.
  4. Take a look at the changes you’ve made on the preview screen.
  5. After all the adjustments, click on the Get the Code button.
  6. Receive the integration code that you need to embed into your website.
  7. Open your website editor and paste the code into the required section. Amazing! You’ve installed the Etsy Reviews plugin on your website.

Now that you’ve followed these steps—customers can start inspecting reviews from Etsy directly on your site!

Who Needs Etsy Reviews on Website?

Etsy reviews on a website are meant for business owners, artists, designers, makers, artisans, vintage collectors, and anyone who creates custom pieces. So if you use the Etsy marketplace to sell handmade creations, vintage goods, and non-handmade crafting supplies, consider reviews an option for free advertising and fact-checking quality. 

The Elfsight Etsy Reviews integration is a great way to showcase your positive response and encourage more customers to purchase your products. Moreover, using the Etsy extension, you can manage which comments you want to display on your website. You can show only beneficial reviews, hide those with negative keywords, arrange them according to criteria, and more. 

The widget includes a star rating with the total number of comments for your company and a ‘Write A Review’ button that redirects visitors to your account on a business review site. Finally, the Elfsight Etsy Reviews widget also provides six different layouts to place it in the most suitable position on your website. With this tool, you can present detailed testimonials and invite each website visitor to post their own feedback with just one click. 

But have yet to be discussed: what are the main benefits of using reviews extension as evidence and attraction? 

5 Reasons Why You Need to Add Etsy Reviews on Website

Etsy reviews are an invaluable solution for businesses looking to market their products and services online. Adding reviews extension to your website can help you increase visitor engagement, enhance customer trust, and build credibility. 

Let’s set a high bar and reveal several Etsy reviews advantages: 

  • Etsy reviews give potential customers access to unbiased, honest feedback from past customers. By reading what others have experienced with a product, customers can make informed decisions about whether or not they should purchase from a business.
  • They increase the likelihood that visitors will become customers. Consumers are more likely to buy from businesses with positive reviews—especially if those reviews come from real people who have actually used the product.
  • Reviews help to build consumer trust in the brand and its products. When potential customers see positive feedback from other users, they will be more likely to trust that the product is good quality and worth their money.
  • They give businesses an edge over competitors who do not have user reviews on their websites. Having user reviews offers businesses credibility to attract more visitors and convert them into paying customers.
  • They help boost SEO (search engine optimization), as people looking for products on search engines are more likely to find websites that have included reviews from Etsy stores.

Etsy reviews are an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy and can help boost sales for businesses of any size.

Etsy Reviews Wrap-Up

Etsy reviews are a great way to leverage your current customer base and grow your business by bringing in new customers. So if we come back to answer the main question: can you use Etsy reviews on your website? We’re still saying yes.

A good plugin for your website, such as the Elfsight Etsy Reviews widget, makes it easy to embed reviews from Etsy into your site and offers many customizable features to make them look great. 

Do you face any obstacles? Or would you like some help? We suggest checking these resources: 

  • Help Center. Feel free to accept help from the Support Team or read related articles on this topic.
  • Elfsight Community. Our community is all about sharing knowledge, networking, and meeting new peers with the same interests. Come along with us!
  • Wishlist. We get inspired by your ideas while developing new features and products.

So to outline: embedding reviews from Etsy on your website can help to build trust with your customers, showcase the quality of your product, and increase your website’s visibility.