How to Embed LinkedIn Feed on Any Website

Discover how Elfsight LinkedIn Feed can effortlessly enhance your website by showcasing your LinkedIn activity. With this user-friendly plugin, you can embed a dynamic LinkedIn feed on your website, allowing visitors to stay updated with your company’s latest posts and engagement on LinkedIn.
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How to Embed LinkedIn Feed on Any Website

How to Embed Your LinkedIn Feed on Your Website

For those delving into web development, embedding a LinkedIn feed on your website might seem like a daunting task. But fear not, as we have a perfect solution in the form of Elfsight LinkedIn Feed. Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned pro, using widgets and plugins is the way to go. They offer a hassle-free setup, many are free, and the benefits are abundant. So, let’s explore how you can seamlessly integrate one of the best LinkedIn Feeds onto your website with just a few simple steps:

  1. Personalize the perfect template that complements your website’s style and theme.
  2. Generate the installation code easily using Elfsight’s code generator, and simply copy it.
  3. Embed the generated code in the desired location on your webpage.

Want to see it in action? Check out our live demo for a quick example!

With Elfsight LinkedIn Feed, showcasing your LinkedIn profile and posts on your website has never been easier. Enhance your website’s appeal by adding this dynamic widget that keeps your visitors updated with your LinkedIn activity. So, don’t wait any longer, get started now and enjoy the benefits of seamless LinkedIn feed integration!

How To Add LinkedIn Feed Plugin to Your Website: All Methods

LinkedIn Feed is the perfect solution to add a dynamic touch to your website. Once you’ve personalized the display to match your preferences, seamlessly embedding it into your web pages is a breeze. With a simple and efficient process, you can incorporate the LinkedIn Feed widget into any HTML field on your website, regardless of the platform you use.

By harnessing the power of Elfsight LinkedIn Feed, unlock a host of benefits, including:

  • Showcasing engaging LinkedIn feeds for free, with full functionality.
  • Customizing the design and template effortlessly through the user-friendly admin panel – no coding required.
  • Keeping your website updated with the latest LinkedIn posts and activities through automatic updates.

To embed the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget into your website’s HTML code, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Elfsight widget provider’s admin panel.
  2. Create, customize, and configure your LinkedIn Feed widget according to your preferences.
  3. Save your widget settings.
  4. Copy the provided installation code.
  5. Paste the code into the HTML field on the backend of your website.

That’s it! Now you can fully embrace the power of Elfsight LinkedIn Feed on your website, enriching your audience’s experience with captivating LinkedIn posts that foster engagement and connection. Embrace this dynamic widget and watch your website thrive with vibrant LinkedIn content! In case you need some more info, check out how to embed Social Feed to your website’s HTML code (you can choose LinkedIn from the sources as well).

Now let’s proceed to embedding the LinkedIn Feed to all popular platforms.

How to Add Elfsight LinkedIn Feed to Your WordPress Website

Take your website to the next level with dynamic LinkedIn Feeds using the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget. Whether you’re using the default website editor or a popular visual builder like Elementor, embedding the widget is a breeze.

Option 1: Default Website Editor

To add captivating LinkedIn Feeds to your website, start by creating and customizing the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget in the admin panel. Then, copy the provided installation code and paste it into the HTML field of your website’s admin panel. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget in the admin panel.
  2. Copy the installation code.
  3. Log in to your website account.
  4. Navigate to the relevant page where you want to embed the widget.
  5. Add a custom HTML block to the desired section of the page.
  6. Paste the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed code into the block.

Save the changes, and you’re all set! The engaging LinkedIn Feeds will now be seamlessly displayed on your website without the need for complex HTML code modifications.

Option 2: Elementor

If you prefer using Elementor for visual editing, integrating the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget into your website is a breeze. Here’s how:

  1. Create the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget for free in the admin panel and save it.
  2. Copy the installation code.
  3. Access your website’s admin dashboard and select the desired page.
  4. Choose “Edit with Elementor” from the page list or the WordPress page manager.
  5. Drag the “HTML” element to the area of the page where you want to embed the LinkedIn Feeds.
  6. Paste the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed code into the element.

Save the changes in both Elementor and WordPress, and you’re good to go! The dynamic LinkedIn Feeds will now be displayed on your website, enriching your audience’s experience and fostering greater engagement. Repeat this process for each page where you want to showcase the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget.

By using the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget, you can effortlessly elevate your website with captivating Social Feeds, keeping your audience up-to-date and connected with your company’s latest updates and activities. Embrace this powerful widget and witness the positive impact it brings to your website!

How to Embed Elfsight LinkedIn Feed into Your Squarespace Website

To seamlessly integrate Elfsight LinkedIn Feed into your Squarespace website, you’ll need the installation code. Follow these straightforward steps to add the widget:

  1. Access Squarespace Admin Panel. Log in to your Squarespace account and select the website where you wish to incorporate the LinkedIn Feed.
  2. Open Page Settings. Navigate to the Pages section in the left-side menu. Choose the specific page you want to showcase the feed on and click Edit.
  3. Add a New Section. Select the ideal location for your LinkedIn Feed widget and click “Add Section.” Opt for the “Add a blank section” option from the popup window.
  4. Insert the Installation Code. Click the “Add block” button and choose “Code” from the options. In the Edit section, paste the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed’s installation code.
  5. Adjust Block Size. Modify the block’s width by dragging the widget’s border to the desired size.

That’s it! You’ve successfully embedded the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed into your Squarespace website, enabling your visitors to stay updated with your LinkedIn posts and activities. Enjoy the dynamic LinkedIn content seamlessly integrated into your website’s design!

How to Embed Elfsight LinkedIn Feed to Your Drupal Website

If you wish to incorporate the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed onto your Drupal website, follow these steps to seamlessly embed the widget:

  1. Access Your Drupal Website’s Backend: Log in to your Drupal website’s backend. Click on “Manage,” and then select “Content.” Choose the desired page where you want to showcase the LinkedIn Feed, and click “Edit.”
  2. Insert the Installation Code: To add the LinkedIn Feed widget, you’ll need the installation code provided by Elfsight. Follow these steps to paste the code:
  • Convert the page to Full HTML format.
  • Switch to the initial HTML view by clicking on the Source button.
  • Paste the installation code into the required area of the page.
  • Save the changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget into a specific page of your Drupal website. The dynamic LinkedIn content is now seamlessly displayed, keeping your visitors engaged and updated with your latest posts and activities. Enjoy the enhanced user experience on your website with this captivating widget!

How to Embed Your LinkedIn Feed using iFrame

If your CMS doesn’t support direct HTML code installation for the Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget, don’t worry! You can still easily embed it using iFrame. Follow these simple steps to achieve that:

  1. Obtain Your Installation Code: To start, retrieve the standard installation code for your Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget. 
  1. Copy Your Widget’s Identifier: Once you have the installation code, locate and copy your widget’s unique identifier. You can find it on the second line of the code.
  1. Convert the Code: Next, use the following iFrame installation code template:

<iframe src=’’ width=’100%’ height=’1000′ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

Replace ‘WIDGET_ID’ in the above code with your specific widget’s identifier.

  1. Adjust the Size: Customize the height attribute to match your widget’s height. The final version of the code should look like this: <iframe src=’′ width=’100%’ height=’1000′ frameborder=’0′></iframe>

There you have it! You’ve successfully converted your Elfsight LinkedIn Feed widget’s installation code into iFrame format. Now you can effortlessly embed your LinkedIn Feed on your website using iFrames. Enjoy the dynamic and engaging content seamlessly integrated into your web pages!

How to Add Elfsight LinkedIn Feed to Joomla Website

If you want to showcase your dynamic LinkedIn Feed on your Joomla website, follow these easy steps:

  1. Access your Joomla website’s admin panel and navigate to Templates. Log in to the admin panel and head to Extensions → Templates → Templates. From there, select the template your website is currently using.
  2. Embed the initial line of code. Open the index.php file and locate the Body tag. Insert the first line of your unique installation code just after the <div class> tag. Save the changes to apply the embedding.
  3. Choose the desired webpage for your LinkedIn Feed. Return to the Control Panel and click on Articles in the left-hand menu. Select the specific page within the Articles section where you wish to display your LinkedIn Feed.
  4. Implement the second line of code. Click on the HTML Code icon, and then paste the second line of your installation code into the designated area. Confirm the action by clicking Ok, and don’t forget to save your modifications.

With these straightforward steps, you’ve seamlessly added your LinkedIn Feed to a specific page on your Joomla website using our free widget generator! Elevate your website with dynamic social content and enhance your company’s online presence with LinkedIn’s engaging feeds.

Remember, you can repeat this process for multiple pages by adding the generated HTML code in an iFrame. Explore the endless possibilities of LinkedIn embedding on your Joomla website and make your profile stand out with captivating posts visible directly on your site!

How to Embed Elfsight LinkedIn Feed to Shopify Website

Follow these steps:

  1. Access Your Shopify Admin Panel: Get started by logging in to your Shopify admin panel and navigating to Sales Channels → Online Store. Click on the Customize button to access the visual editor.
  2. Integrate the Custom Liquid Section: Once inside the visual editor, the default home page will be visible. If you want to target a different page, simply locate it in the dropdown list at the top of the page. To add the LinkedIn Feed widget, select “Add Section” and opt for “Custom Liquid” from the available choices.
  3. Insert the Installation Code: Copy and paste the provided LinkedIn Feed widget installation code into the designated Custom Liquid field. Additionally, if desired, you can customize the Color scheme and set Top/Bottom paddings. Once done, make sure to Save the changes.

Voila! Your Shopify website now showcases an engaging LinkedIn Feed on a specific page!

How to Add Elfsight LinkedIn Feed to Your Wix Website

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to add LinkedIn Feed on Wix:

  1. Access Your Wix Website Editor: Start by logging in to your Wix account and selecting the desired website where you wish to showcase the LinkedIn Feed. Click on “Edit Site” to begin the customization process.
  2. Integrate the HTML Block: Click on the Plus icon, navigate to the Embed section, and choose the option to “Embed a Widget” from the Custom Embeds tab.
  3. Insert the Installation Code: To seamlessly embed the LinkedIn Feed widget, click on “Enter Code,” then paste the provided installation code and hit “Update” to apply the changes.
  4. Customize the Widget’s Size and Position: Effortlessly adjust the widget’s appearance by dragging it to the desired location on the page. Stretch or shrink the widget to achieve the perfect size, ensuring all crucial information is displayed neatly within the block.
  5. Optimize the Mobile Appearance and Publish: Enhance your visitors’ experience on mobile devices by clicking on the “Mobile” icon to access the mobile editor. Adjust the widget’s size accordingly and click “Publish” to make your LinkedIn Feed live.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated the LinkedIn Feed widget onto a specific page of your Wix website!

Discover the Amazing Features of Elfsight LinkedIn Feed

Enhance your website’s appeal by seamlessly embedding the LinkedIn Feed using our cutting-edge LinkedIn Feed plugin. With this powerful widget, your website will boast a dynamic and engaging LinkedIn Feed that showcases updates and posts from your LinkedIn profile. Let’s explore the essential functionalities of this impressive LinkedIn Feed widget, readily available for integration into your site.

LinkedIn Feed Sources Unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn presence by sharing all the ins and outs of your LinkedIn Feed and effortlessly displaying it on any page of your website. Seamlessly integrate your LinkedIn content and enhance your company’s online presence.
LinkedIn Feed Content Elevate your content strategy with our powerful LinkedIn Feed, offering five captivating card styles for your posts. Promote various types of content and effortlessly engage your audience. Boost conversions by choosing post-click actions tailored to your specific goals, driving meaningful interactions and business growth.
LinkedIn Feed Popup Experience creative freedom with our customizable LinkedIn Feed Popup. Craft engaging and detailed content information with two stylish layout options. Captivate your audience through adjustable popup elements, offering an immersive experience that keeps users coming back for more.
LinkedIn Feed Style Showcase your unique brand identity with a personalized LinkedIn Feed Style. Stand out from the crowd by customizing switchable headers and titles. Choose from five versatile feed layouts that seamlessly match your widget size to the content area, providing a seamless user experience. Express your aesthetics with ease by selecting the perfect color scheme and font combinations to elevate your website’s visual appeal.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn Feed on Your Website: Inspiration

If you’re looking to elevate your website’s content, incorporating a LinkedIn Feed aggregator might be just the thing you need. Get a glimpse of how this dynamic widget can seamlessly integrate into your site with these amazing examples. Be inspired and discover the possibilities!

Inspiring Example 1: Carousel

LinkedIn Feed Carousel

Present your LinkedIn posts in an elegant carousel format, easily navigable with a simple touch or arrow button. This responsive feed ensures optimal viewing on any device, providing dynamic and engaging content for your visitors.

Inspiring Example 2: Mosaic

LinkedIn Feed Masonry

Embrace a contemporary look with the Mosaic template, arranging LinkedIn content in a captivating mosaic-like grid. Each post effortlessly fits within your content area, adding a touch of modern asymmetry to your website’s design.

Inspiring Example 3: Timeline

LinkedIn Feed Timeline

Take your website visitors on a chronological journey with the Timeline template, showcasing your LinkedIn content in an organized, scrolling layout. Detailed descriptions, multimedia, and compelling CTA buttons make it easy for users to explore your professional evolution.

Inspiring Example 4: Grid

LinkedIn Feed Grid

For a clean and visually appealing display, opt for the Grid template. Exhibit your LinkedIn content in a neat grid layout, offering customization options for columns, rows, and a bright Load more button.

Inspiring Example 5: Slider

LinkedIn Feed Grid

Capture undivided attention with the Slider template, presenting one post at a time while maintaining elegance and interactivity. Incorporate videos, images, and post details in this compact yet engaging template, fostering meaningful conversations with your audience.

Unlock the potential of your LinkedIn profile and showcase it seamlessly on your website using our free widget generator. With just a few lines of HTML code, you can embed your LinkedIn Feed into multiple pages through iFrames. Transform your website with dynamic social content and elevate your online presence to new heights!


Leveraging LinkedIn’s dynamic feed on your company’s WordPress website can unlock numerous advantages. By embedding the LinkedIn Feed widget, you can ignite a sense of curiosity, boost user interaction, and foster meaningful actions. The feed display on your site showcases real-time updates from your LinkedIn profile, presenting an engaging social stream of posts and activities, empowering visitors to stay informed and connected.