LinkedIn Feed WordPress plugin

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Why you need the LinkedIn plugin on your WordPress site

Elfsight LinkedIn Feed is an instrument for promoting not just items, but emotions and experiences. By using it you can develop customized feed made of the content from LinkedIn social network – and showcase it right on your WordPress website. Create a gallery of eye-catching and engaging LinkedIn posts in 1-2-3! Enjoy the complete control over a demonstrated content from LinkedIn with numerous filter options and remove spam and any undesired content applying manual moderation. Fully responsive online-editor provides you with various templates to select from. And of course, our LinkedIn Feed will look and work great on any device type – from smartphone to desktop!

Let’s dive deeper into the LinkedIn feed plugin functionality and see why it’s among the best plugins for your WordPress site. Using the LinkedIn Feed, you’ll get an opportunity to:

  • Get the full control over the LinkedIn feed displaying. The Manual moderation mode is there for you to choose and hand-pick only the posts that suit your LinkedIn feed the best possible way and reflect the style and tone of your WordPress site. They’ll be demonstrated via your feed only after you approve them. And in case you have no doubt about the quality of the content certain users produce, you can whitelist them so that they could upload their posts in your LinkedIn Feed right away and without your approbation. Vice versa, you will be free to blacklist those users whose posts you don’t need to be shown within your LinkedIn Feed, and they will be automatically banned. Get rid of the spam in your LinkedIn feed on your WordPress site and ill-advised content with no effort!
  • Enable video autoplay option. Popup video autoplay option will provide your WordPress website visitors with a well-known social media experience. Impeccable interaction will make your WordPress site visitors look through more and more LinkedIn content, and this will definitely increase the average amount of time they spend on your website. And of course this way you’ll get a more engaged and motivated audience – as on your website and on LinkedIn account as well.
  • Create the best matching LinkedIn Feed color scheme in a few clicks.As soon as you’ve come up with your LinkedIn plugin template, proceed to colors! You’d better start here with a light or dark theme. And in case none of them seems to fit with your WordPress website, then it’s better for you to switch to a custom theme for your LinkedIn Feed. And there you’ll get an opportunity to use a picture as the background of your LinkedIn Feed plugin to create the proper atmosphere on your WordPress site. You can either choose the gradient fill to make your LinkedIn Feed look stylish and noticeable on your WordPress site. And of course don’t forget about the accent color to make your LinkedIn Feed suit your current website design. You’ll also get an option to change the fonts of your LinkedIn Feed or keep them classic if needed. That makes it! Forming your individualised design of the Linked Feed will be really easy to perform.
  • Familiar Slider or Carousel display. See how you can benefit from our classic layout types that will allow you integrate your LinkedIn Feed seamlessly into your WordPress site’s content zone. Embed the LinkedIn posts into your WordPress site’s page space-effective. Select Slider layout to attract attention to some particular posts; and Carousel – to reveal more LinkedIn content at a time. Set up the best matching control type for your WordPress site visitors to smoothly glide through the posts or turn the autoplay option on for them to see all your LinkedIn posts one by one without clicking them.

Simple and straightforward

Elfsight LinkedIn plugin for WordPress is created as an easy-to-personalise plugin with the opportunity to adjust it in accordance with any individual use case in a few minutes. All you have to do here is to choose the best matching LinkedIn Feed layout of the six that will be at your disposal: Grid, Masonry, List, Slider, Carousel, Collage. Personalise any of them by altering the amount of columns, rows and posts within your LinkedIn Feed. Shape an exceptional WordPress plugin in just a few clicks! Every single layout is automatically adjustable – it functions good and looks native on all devices.

Enhance user experience with Popup option

LinkedIn Feed plugin for WordPress will allow you to provide a deeper immersion of users into content through the agency of the Popup displaying feature. Your audience will get an opportunity to observe your LinkedIn posts closer and read all the comments right on your WordPress website. Pop-up offers 2 options of posts view at your disposal: slider and feed. Select a well-known Slider layout to display your LinkedIn posts one by one. Or switch to the Feed layout to represent a classic and familiar feed, that users can scroll to view your LinkedIn posts.

Select a readymade color pattern or form up your own LinkedIn Feed conception.

We will provide you with a unique and easy-to-use solution that suits those users who value their time – a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a color theme for their WordPress LinkedIn Feed plugin automatically. All you’ll be up to here is to choose your brand color, a Dark or Light mode, and allow the automatic color generator to set everything up for you. And in the event if you need a custom and distinctive look of your LinkedIn Feed, you can further adjust all the components one-by-one: the header, background, popup, etc. All the modifications can be further observed right in the handy configurator without a need to learn how to code.

Many more amazing functional and design options upcoming soon

Elfsight’s amazing teams of developers and designers are currently working up the application functional capability and structure. There would be a broad variety of features, it’ll be possible to tailor your %content% the way it turns into an inseparable section of your website. You’ll be able to check all the functions and create the application very soon, stay updated!

The list of the most noticeable plugin’s features includes:

  • Display your social media content from LinkedIn on your WordPress site.
  • Make use of diverse filtration options.
  • Eliminate any spam and undesired content by the means of manual moderation mode.
  • Put the Follow button on the widget posts.
  • Make your LinkedIn posts be viewed in a pop-up window mode.

With the LinkedIn Feed on your WordPress site, choose the most notable social media content to involve more of your audience and draw more new visitors!

Which way do I embed the LinkedIn Feed to my WordPress site?

It can do its job to each and every page of your website, or only to certain pages. The widget also offers an option to restrict it on particular pages if you don’t need the chat there.

On condition of having inquiries or running over any difficulties, please write to our customer service staff. Our consultants will be excited to resolve all the issues you might have with the LinkedIn WordPress plugin.