Age Verification Required 18 Only

This widget will help all age-dependent web resources control the age of visitors. It’s instant and doesn’t need programming.
Age Verification Required 18 Only

How can I use 18 Only Age Verification template?

Age verification widget is a popup window that checks the age of your website visitors. Smoothly adjust visually and add all components in the free configurator. Shape the widget in just seconds and create a popup that attracts the greatest attention. You can add an age verification popup wherever you want:
  • Website on any CMS (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress etc.)
  • Personal blogs (Ghost, Blogger and many others).
  • Ecommerce website (BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento).
  • Social platforms (Tumblr, Facebook Page etc.)
  • Share the widget with a link (on a separate page).

How can I add an age verification template to the website?

To insert this widget, you have no need to have any special capabilities or competence in coding.

  1. Register in the service with the help of the demo so that you could receive the all set template;
  2. Note the unique code, which you will see in your account at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Add the code into the site theme or to the selected page;
  4. Save the changes. Ready!

At any time you feel like altering your widget, do so in your profile at Elfsight Apps. You don’t have to edit the website code.


How can I personalize 18-only age verification template?

You are free to adapt any selected template the way you want by means of the Elfsight free configurator. There’s an option to edit colors, size of the font, text alignment, layout and performance of the widget.

Is there a way to embed a widget to Tumblr or Facebook Page instead of website?

It is possible to paste the widget everywhere there is an opportunity to paste HTML code or iFrame code.

Will you give me a hand if I have any questions?

Yes, we provide free installation and setup service.

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