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Enhance your blog or news feed with our YouTube Video Post template for websites. Embed videos effortlessly within your posts, providing readers with a rich multimedia experience that complements your written content.
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Easy installation
Works on 99.9% of websites
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  • YouTube Video Source Option
  • YouTube Channel Source Compatibility
  • YouTube Playlist Source Support
  • Custom Source Grouping
  • Multiple Video Layouts
  • Popup Video Display
  • Header Settings
  • 6 Navigation Controls
  • YouTube API Key Support
  • AdSense Support
  • Privacy-Enhanced Mode
  • 5 Built-In Color Schemes
  • Custom Element Colorization
  • Multilingual Support
  • Free-Coding Editor
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Custom CSS
  • Easy Website Integration
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How to create the YouTube Video Post template for the website?

By following the steps provided below, you can create your very own YouTube Video Post widget for the website:

  1. Pick the YouTube Video Post template.
  2. Adjust the elements and features to satisfy your brand vision.
  3. Sign in to your Elfsight dashboard.
  4. Obtain the installation code.

How to embed the YouTube Video Post template on the website?

If you want to embed the YouTube Video Post on your website, take these steps below:

  1. Modify the look and functionality of the YouTube Gallery widget to correspond with your final business goal.
  2. Log in to your Elfsight dashboard or set up a free profile.
  3. Get the unique installation code.
  4. Navigate to your website.
  5. Paste the code into your website editor.

For more information, there is an extensive blog article on how to embed YouTube Gallery on a website. Don’t hesitate to give it a read!

Do I need to know how to code or have programming skills to embed the YouTube Video Post?

No, it’s completely unnecessary. Elfsight provides all the necessary features that sufficiently cover the functionality and customization of the widget. Therefore, you can embed the YouTube Video Post on your website without needing any coding skills or background experience. But knowing how to code can be useful if you seek to add extra customization using custom CSS code.

How can I embed the YouTube video on the website?

There are a couple of options you can use to embed a single YouTube video on your website via the Gallery plugin: opt for a ready-to-use template or adjust the existing feed. In essence, you’re required to input the URL link of the video in the “Source Group” tab.

How can I embed the YouTube channel on the website?

If you wish to embed your YouTube channel on the website page, you have the choice to copy its URL link and add it to the “YouTube Channel URL” field within the Gallery widget.

How can I embed the YouTube playlist on the website?

We give you two options to embed the YouTube playlist on the website: selecting a pre-designed template or tailoring any existing templates. It only requires copying the URL link of the playlist and inserting it into the “Source Group” section of the Gallery plugin.

Can I display YouTube videos in full width on the website?

Indeed. Set the play mode to “Popup” from the settings and define the desired width of your content area under the “Columns & Rows” tab. This approach allows you to embed the YouTube Video Post template on the website page and indulge in its cinematic experience.

Can I use the YouTube Video Post template for free?

Yes, you can! Subscribing to payment plans is not required at all, as Elfsight provides a Free tier. Furthermore, it contains all the features and customizable options to make an exceptional widget! There are no limits, no demands–the decision is entirely up to you. However, you can always discover extra advantages through alternative subscription plans: Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise.

What website platforms does the YouTube Video Post widget integrate with?

You can add the YouTube Gallery plugin to almost every website, regardless of the platform and CMS. However, we have compiled the list of the top 10 most common options among our users:

Squarespace, Wix, HTML, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Elementor, Google Sites, GoDaddy, iFrame, and many others.

Can I display YouTube live streams?

It’s not currently viable to add the live stream in progress, yet you can compile the previous broadcasts in the YouTube video playlist and use it as a source group.

Can I enable the Privacy-Enhanced Mode in the YouTube widget?

You can definitely do this! Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the YouTube Gallery builder.
  2. Access the “Advanced” section.
  3. Toggle the switch for “Privacy-Enhanced Mode.”

Does the widget support the AdSense?

Yes. You can seamlessly add all the information in the online builder through the next instructions:

  1. Access the YouTube Gallery plugin.
  2. Proceed to the “Advanced” menu.
  3. Pick the “AdSense” option.
  4. Provide the necessary information in the fields provided: AdSense client (pubId), content slot, and popup slot identifier.

Where can I add the YouTube Video Post on my website?

The decision lies in your hands. The Elfsight’s widgets don’t have any strict rules for positioning and placement. But for optimal results, you might want to add it to your homepage, blog articles, or product pages, as these locations tend to attract the user’s attention and lead to higher conversions.

How to customize the YouTube Video Post?

Go deeper than any contender in your field and embark on the personalization of the plugin to get better social proof and elevate interaction metrics:

  • YouTube source
    Determine the desired YouTube content you wish to use and embed on your website: channel, playlist, or video. You also have the option to group them collectively or display a single source.
  • Layout settings
    There are numerous features at your disposal to personalize the overall layout: header, columns, rows, video, popup, and slider navigation. Tweak them all to align the plugin nicely with the aesthetics of your website design.
  • Custom elements and features
    And there’s still plenty to explore: color schemes, custom element colorization, language, YouTube API Key, AdSense support, Privacy-Enhanced Mode, and so on.

For more clarification, get in touch with our Support Team to solve any problems and exclude confusion in the future!

Can I change the widget’s look with the custom CSS code?

Yes. Our YouTube Gallery widget comes equipped with a built-in Custom CSS editor, and our Community is working hard to compile a collection of readily available codes for users with no programming skills.

Can I change the font of the YouTube Video widget?

Use the code below in the Custom CSS section in the Appearance menu and configure whatever supported font based on the browser or website:

.global-styles, .yottie-widget-inner {
  font-family: sans-serif !important;

Help with YouTube Video Post Setup and Website Installation

If you need help, comprehensive tutorials, or the expertise of someone who understands what they’re doing, we have curated a selection of widget template sources to explore and address all of your queries: