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Elementor YouTube Gallery
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Embed YouTube Gallery on Elementor with the Elfsight widget

A universal widget for YouTube, which helps display all kinds of videos on the website. Select channels and individual video clips to design your unique playlist and show it straight on the page using the most suitable layout (video gallery, portfolio, channel, single video).

Our widget is ultimately compatible with all gadgets and systems, it has around 100 setting parameters, flexible layout, and a bunch of other traits, which help to show it on any website.

Increase the engagement of your readers via video content.

Design a individual video gallery for increased attention of your clients.
Increase interaction with the audience of your site via YouTube videos. Astonish your site readers with fascinating videos from YouTube and hold them interested stronger than ever.

Deliver maximum info about your products with YouTube content.
Use ads, reviews, analytical videos, tutorials, and other video types to provide to the audience with comprehensive info about your products and convince them to create a purchase.

Top fans for your YouTube profile.
Turn website audience into your fans on YouTube. Add a quick and uncomplicated method to view videos and follow your channel right from the page.

Main features of the YouTube Gallery widget

These characteristics of our widget turn it into the best tool to add YouTube videos on a Elementor site.

  • Create source groups;
  • Editable channel description;
  • Set any number of columns and rows;
  • 3 play modes: Inline, in popup, and redirect to YouTube;
  • Optional free mode to scroll videos one by one;
  • 24 paintable popup elements;
  • Privacy enhanced mode.

Try more features in the live widget panel

How to add YouTube Video Gallery to Elementor website

A brief instruction by our team on adding the widget to your site without knowledge in programming. Average installation time is less 80 seconds.

  1. Generate your custom-made YouTube Gallery
    In our free configurator, shape your plugin, selecting template, layout and other features.
  2. Copy the unique code to add the plugin to the site
    After widget configuring is finished, you will receive a unique code for YouTube plugin in a notification on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Add the plugin to Elementor website
    Insert the plugin in the selected area of the page and publish the changes.
  4. You fully performed the installation
    Enter your site, to see your work.

If while setting up or changing parameters of YouTube Gallery you came up with issues, send a request to our help center. We are here to answers your questions.

How can I embed a YouTube Video Gallery into my Squarespace website without coding skills?

Elfsight provides a Cloud-based solution that permits users to craft a YouTube Video Gallery by themselves. Discover how effortless the process is:

  • Access the online Editor to shape a YouTube Video Gallery section that you’d like to incorporate into your Squarespace site.
  • Select one of our pre-structured templates and adjust the YouTube Video Gallery settings, alter the design and color scheme, add your content without any necessity for coding.
  • Preserve the preferences you’ve set for the YouTube Video Gallery and receive the widget’s code for insertion, which can be simply added to your Squarespace site at zero cost.

By operating in the user-friendly Editor, any web user can produce a YouTube Video Gallery section and add it to their Squarespace website. There’s no need for payment or the disclosure of your card details to access the Elfsight Editor. If you come across any challenges at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.


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