Top 50+ YouTube Gallery Templates for Websites

Boost engagement with your website’s audience by sharing YouTube channels, gallery playlists, and separate videos. Explore our versatile catalog of templates with useful features and organic layouts to embed diverse video content into your blog or online store.
G2 Badges
YouTube Subscribe
Creating a YouTube widget lets your website users subscribe so you can receive new followers.
YouTube Playlist
Add a YouTube gallery with embedded playlists to your website for organized video browsing.
Single YouTube Video
Add a single video from YouTube for focused content on your website.
YouTube Video Gallery
Create a YouTube gallery for a visually appealing video showcase on the website.
YouTube Video Grid
Add a YouTube grid with videos for an organized content display on your website.
YouTube Video List
Create a YouTube list of content for easy video navigation on your website with this widget.
YouTube Video Playlists
Add a YouTube playlist widget to your website for engaging video collections.
Create a user-friendly YouTube gallery for optimal viewing on websites with any device.
Add YouTube videos seamlessly to your website and connect the social media presence with this embedder feature.
Creating a YouTube template with video recommendations will boost website visitor retention.
Add a YouTube template to your website for a stunning video display in the wall board format.
Create an embedded YouTube player for smooth video streaming on your website.
Create easy video embeds with a YouTube code generator template for your website.
Create a masonry slider for a YouTube widget for an artistic video display on your website.
Add the YouTube video in the post format template, enriching your website's content.
Add a YouTube wall widget with social activity to create a dynamic community on your website.
Add a YouTube video downloader to your website for user convenience.
Add customer feedback and reviews from YouTube to enhance website trust with this widget.
Adding a YouTube video with reviews boosts credibility and engagement on your website.
Add a badge for YouTube to your website for enhanced channel visibility.
Create a YouTube video template that supports streaming your content on the website page.
Create a YouTube template for your website and autoplay the videos from social media with ease.
Create a timeline template with YouTube videos to showcase your journey on your website.
Create a YouTube template enabling you with video carousels for an engaging website display.
Add a YouTube collage widget to showcase multiple videos on your website.
Create eye-catching YouTube popups for impactful website users' interactions with your videos.
Add a dynamic YouTube widget with a slider to your website for instant video appeal.
Add a lazy load YouTube widget to enhance your website's performance with optimized video viewing.
Create a YouTube player widget for your website page by copy-pasting the source link and enjoy easy video access.
Create a YouTube section with testimonials to build trust on your website using this video template.
Create an embedded YouTube widget on your website for rich channel content access.
Creating a YouTube playlist on the sidebar simplifies access to videos on your website.
Add an online YouTube stream widget to your website for real-time engagement.
Add a feed from YouTube to your website for fresh, dynamic content.
Add a YouTube template to link your video content with the website page.
Add an upload feature to your website using this template for easy YouTube video viewing.
Adding a nice YouTube player widget to your website will enhance viewer engagement.
Create this helpful YouTube template on your website for easy video downloads.
Add a channel video downloader from YouTube to your website.
Add a curated channel list to enhance your website with top YouTube authors' content.
Create a convenient playlist downloader for YouTube content on your website.
Create a YouTube playlist gallery with thumbnails on your website.
Create a product review section on your website with this widget and post insightful YouTube content.
Add a button for a YouTube channel to connect your website with the video content.
Create a commercial YouTube template on your website for dynamic product showcases.
Add ecommerce YouTube videos to your website for interactive product displays with this gallery.
Add a YouTube merch template to sell products on your website seamlessly.
Add a YouTube template to your website to share user-generated content and improve community engagement.
Create a YouTube news widget to keep your website's content feed fresh and updated.
Create a live feed from a YouTube gallery to bring real-time action to your website.
Adding YouTube subscriptions updates with the template provides extra content on your website.
Create a YouTube feed with an autoplay function for engaging, lively interaction on your website page.
Add a classic YouTube channel widget to your website for engaging video content.
Create a dark-mode YouTube widget for a stylish, modern website look.
Create a floating YouTube widget to display video content and get constant engagement on your website.
Create a lightbox YouTube video player for immersive video experiences on your website.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

What Are YouTube Gallery Templates?

The YouTube Gallery templates are designed to simplify the creation of a custom widget due to the presets used in the templates. Such presets include various layouts and feature options, which allow you to quickly build a solution for a required scenario. Upon selecting the most suitable template, you need only a few efforts to finalize your widget.

You can easily make your adjustments to any of our templates with user-friendly customization options. Explore the menu of settings and adapt the elements to suit your needs, then start using the widget on your website. This can all be done without coding!

When you upload the desired video content and select the necessary functions and visual aspects of the widget, you can move on to experience the simple embedding process. You will instantly see a unique code that you can take to your website and enjoy the result

Now you can start your journey with Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery widget, by choosing the right template for your website and business goals. Your website’s visitors will surely appreciate the widget’s convenience and user-friendliness when exploring your video content.

How to Get Started with YouTube Gallery Templates?

Setting up YouTube Gallery templates with Elfsight is a breeze. You don’t require any advanced technical knowledge or third-party services. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to help you dive in:

  1. Firstly, feel free to explore our range of YouTube Gallery templates. Whether you’re looking for something trendy or professional, you’re bound to find a template that aligns perfectly with your website’s theme and goals.
  2. Found a template that resonates with your style? Great! Click the “Live Preview” button to see it in action and get a feel of how it blends with your website’s design.
  3. Now, let’s personalize: tweak every aspect to make it uniquely yours. Change the layout, select a color scheme that complements your brand, adjust the video grid sizes, add custom titles, set autoplay options, and much more.
  4. Don’t forget to check the preview screen to ensure your gallery looks exactly as you planned. It’s your creation; it should reflect your style.
  5. When you are happy with the result, click the “Add to website for free” button to save your customized YouTube Gallery.
  6. Elfsight will then provide you with a snippet of code. This is your key to integrating the gallery into your website.
  7. Embed this code snippet into your website’s desired page or section. Whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or any other platform, the process is straightforward.
  8. Once the code is in place, save the changes to your website and refresh the page. Voilà! Your brand-new, customized YouTube Gallery is now live, ready to engage your visitors with captivating video content.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly add a dynamic and engaging YouTube Gallery to your website. Enhance user engagement, showcase your video content stylishly, and provide a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Five Reasons Why To Use YouTube Gallery Templates

YouTube Gallery templates from Elfsight offer a number of benefits for enhancing your website’s appeal and functionality. Here are five compelling reasons to start using them:

  1. Time-saving. Constructing a YouTube Gallery from the ground up can be a complex and time-intensive task, even provided that you don’t need specialized coding or design skills with Elfsight’s user-friendly settings. Our YouTube Gallery templates allow you to bypass this process entirely. Customize a pre-built template in just a few minutes, saving you precious time and effort.
  2. Quick and easy customization. Elfsight provides you with simple ways to personalize each element of your YouTube Gallery. From adjusting the layout and color themes to customizing video arrangements and titles, you can tailor these templates to perfectly align with your brand identity and website design. This customization process is straightforward and does not require any advanced technical know-how.
  3. Engaging design. Capture your audience’s attention with the aesthetically appealing designs of Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery. The templates are crafted to be visually engaging, featuring options for dynamic layouts, attractive color schemes, and interactive elements that enhance user interaction and potentially drive conversions.
  4. Versatility. The YouTube Gallery templates are designed to cater to a wide range of needs and objectives. Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, highlighting customer testimonials, presenting educational content, or promoting products, there’s a template that fits your specific requirements. This versatility allows you to use these galleries for various purposes, enhancing the overall functionality of your website.
  5. Mobile-friendly. Nowadays, mobile usage predominates, so having a mobile-responsive website feature is crucial. Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery templates are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your content looks great and functions seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This mobile-friendliness enhances the user experience for a significant portion of your audience.

By integrating Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery templates into your website, you are not only adding a visually appealing and functional feature but also elevating your site’s user engagement and accessibility. Take advantage of these templates today to enrich your online presence.