WordPress Twitch plugin

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Why the Twitch Gallery is a must have plugin for your WordPress website

Simply put, you’ll get an option to select the best Twitch videos for your gallery. This will take the interaction with content from Twitch and engagement on your WordPress site to the next level. Applying Elfsight Twitch Gallery you’ll get a possibility to embed any live stream from Twitch to your WordPress site and create a stunning and eye-catching video gallery. And to get Twitch videos will be simple as never – they can be found and fetched by URL. And by using the popup mode for your Twitch Gallery you’ll be able to provide your users with options to get more info on each Twitch stream and also leave comments.

Here are some reasons for you to consider adding Twitch Gallery to your WordPress site as soon as the plugin is going to be released:

  • Watching Twitch streams non-stop increasing engagement on your WordPress site. In case you’re looking for a way to uplevel the engagement on your WordPress website and get more views for your Twitch content, you can use the autoplay option that will make Twitch live streams appear one after another. New Twitch videos will continue to appear on your WordPress site thus increasing users’ involvement and interest.
  • Get more new visitors for your Twitch account. Elfsight Twitch Gallery for WordPress is a great chance for you to promote your Twitch account and increase its online popularity by getting new audiences. In case you’ve got a Twitch account, simply present it to your website audience via the Twitch Gallery plugin and see new visitors arrive in 1-2-3 with no effort!
  • Attracting new website and Twitch users has never been so easy!. The header of your soon-to-come Twitch Gallery plugin will be designed to make it easier for you to promote your Twitch channel. Your WordPress site’s audience will not only see the name of your Twitch channel, but also the profile picture and additional info. And by attaching the follow button you will turn your Twitch account visitors into loyal fans in one click. But in case you don’t need a header for your Twitch Gallery plugin, you are always free to turn it off.

Alter the Twitch Gallery’s size for perfect design

Whatever the space requirements on your WordPress site are, we’ve made it possible for you to fit your Twitch Gallery plugin in without much effort. You are free to adjust the width of the Twitch Gallery plugin in accordance with the needs of your WordPress website by just entering the value in the box. And in case you’re mostly interested in the mobile performance, don’t worry – the Twitch Gallery plugin will work and look great on any device type – from smartphone to tablet.

More than 10 languages will be available

The Twitch Gallery plugin will come out translated into 18 popular languages at once, and you as the user will get an opportunity to add yours in case it wouldn’t be included on the list. Using your native language for the Twitch Gallery plugin’s interface will help your core audience feel comfortable while using the tool.

Many more functional and design options are coming soon to our soon-to-be-released Twitch Gallery plugin!

Our amazing teams of designers and developers are currently working up the Twitch Gallery’s appearance and functionality. There would be a large array of adjustments, you’ll have an opportunity to modify your video content within the Twitch Feed so that it turns into an inseparable section of your WordPress website. You’ll be able to examine all the settings and create the Twitch Gallery plugin in the near future, wait for it!

Among the most interesting Twitch Gallery plugin’s features:

  • 5 ready-to-use color schemes.
  • Customizable colors for header, groups, content, video, and popup.
  • 18 languages supported.
  • Customizable cache time.
  • Regular live updates.

Better audience engagement of your website with entertaining Twitch videos!

Which way do I integrate the Twitch Gallery plugin to my WordPress site?

You are free to embed the Twitch Gallery plugin to all pages of your WordPress website, or only to the pages you pick. It’s also possible to hide it on selected pages on which you don’t need the gallery to be demonstrated.

If you have some difficulties, feel free to reach out to our customer service staff. Our people will be delighted to resolve all the issues you might have with the plugin.