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WordPress Popup Plugin
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Applying Elfsight Popup plugin, everyone can design personalized modal windows of all kinds and introduce them on a WordPress website for free. Build the most suitable pop up choosing elements from a variety of inbuilt ones. Change the style and arrangement; pick activating trigger and adjust the timing to achieve better pop up efficiency. Popups of various types allow users to subscribe to mailout, learn about your goods and services, copy their coupons, know about sales and special deals, stay notified about important events on your website and even more.

WordPress popup maker will help you earn more, advertise your upcoming occasions, get feedback and subscriptions, and much more.

How can I add a Popup to my WordPress website?

The building of the widget happens within the Elfsight website and you don’t need to learn coding and use a WordPress Popup builder. Apply our active demo to design your own popup form, get the code and insert it to your website.

The best ways to use banner pop-up integration

We offer a plethora of customization opportunities in Popup Builder. There are full-scale widgets for inserting in the content area, floating plugins with scrolling opportunities, layouts for the footer of your website, header and all kinds of vertical opportunities for sidebars and menus.

Can I build a newsletter or offer popup by means of the editor?

You are free to create any WordPress Popup plugin alterations. There are a host of layouts at your disposal in the Popup builder, and all of them can be easily personalized as you need.

What triggers are available for popup opening?

You have an opportunity to make a WordPress Popup appear on click, when user intends to exit, or simply on page load. You can make a popup appear after a certain time on site or after a person has scrolled a certain percentage of content. Finally, you can place a call-to-action to open popup in WordPress.

Main features of the Popup plugin

See all the functional traits of the widget. You can manage them right in the builder and they will help you shape the widget especially for your use case.

  • 12 available blocks to build a popup
  • 5 ready-to-use pop-up layouts for various cases
  • Place buttons to redirect users to any WordPress page
  • Uploading an image for the plugin background
  • Pop up can be activated after a specific time spent on the page or scroll percentage
  • Popup triggers: clicking on an element or scrolling down to it

See how all the features work, in our demo

How to add Popup plugin to WordPress website?

Simply follow the steps described below to activate the widget on WordPress.

  1. Launch our free popup maker and start creating your unique plugin.
    Specify the desirable look and features of the tool and apply the corrections.
  2. Copy the individual code shown in the modal window on Elfsight Apps.
    After the setting up of your personal Popup plugin is done, copy the exclusive code at the appearing window and save it for later use.
  3. Initiate utilization of the plugin on WordPress site.
    Place the WordPress Popup plugin code into your website and apply the corrections.
  4. The installation is successfully accomplished.
    Go to your WordPress site to take a look at how’s the tool working.

Feel free to reach our support service in case you need help with WordPress installation. We will be glad to help with every enquiry.


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