WordPress Calculator plugin

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Why you need the custom Calculator form plugin installed on your WordPress site

If you’re providing online services of any kind – from loans to delivery, there’s definitely a need for your customers to know how much they’re going to be charged for the services they’ve chosen. And here’s why adding a Calculator form plugin to your WP site is a good idea. As your potential clients will be able to calculate all the prices themselves, they’ll trust you more, feeling secure as they see the bills they’ll get in your handy Calculator for WordPress. The calculator plugin is especially good for those business owners who distribute different product categories to various destinations.

Here are some more reasons for you to consider embedding the Calculator plugin to your WordPress site as soon as it will be released:

  • You’ll provide an incredible level of transparency for your audience on your WordPress site. You potential customers want to deal with real, not vague numbers on your WordPress site. And the Calculator form plugin allows you to present all the financial info they might need the most representative way. As your business might have lots of complex numbers, the Calculator plugin for WordPress will help you make them easier to understand.
  • Get more orders and purchases from your target audience. The custom online calculator form widget will help you get a significantly bigger number of orders from your target audience. It’s all because the visitors who are really interested in buying your products or services will definitely use the Calculator form plugin to get the total price. And the best part here is that both you and your client don’t need to waste time on discussing the product’s final price. An eye-catching online calculator will draw users’ attention, provide them with up-to-date info and will also help you customers make an informed decision.
  • Provide your products and services with an exclusive look and feel. The custom online Calculator plugin on your WP site will help you stand out against competitors with an awesome and easy-to-use widget. Also, your products and services get an exclusive look in the eyes of your audience as they get a chance to select the most suiting items for them on their own and then get a personal total estimate through the Calculator plugin. Also, a Calculator plugin can be played around with and be used to compare your offers with each other or maybe with the ones that your competitors have. Ij the end your target audience gets a handy Calculator form tool that will help them select the best possible option.

Get more traffic on your WordPress site and improve SEO

In case you were also looking for a way to increase traffic on your WordPress site and improve rankings, then our online Calculator form plugin is for you. Having it embedded on your website’s pages, you’ll motivate your site visitors to spend more time on its pages. This will lead to dropping your bounce rates and all the site’s behavioral metrics improve automatically. That’s how you – a WordPress site owner can benefit from the Calculator plugin simply selecting the correct keywords for those pages that have the Calculator embedded.

Numerous ways to use the Calculator form plugin

First thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Calculator plugin is that it’s the best addition to an ecommerce WordPress site. But the number of use cases here is way broader! For example, it can be added in a popup window offering users some discounts. Or embedded in the email newsletter, or it can even be integrated in ad banners on your site to attract more attention to the promo actions and provide more info about the numbers – prices or discounts. And this list can go on and on – the Calculator is there to fit with any goal!

Provide an outstanding user experience

In most cases, your WordPress site visitors want to get all the info about the prices on your products and services just as they choose the one that interests them the most. But on some websites, the final price is not easy to find and calculate. The Calculator builder plugin will help you avoid this problem as you’ll be able to provide your visitors with an awesome calculator tool that will show them all the pricing variants quickly. They won’t have to wait for the answers from your support team using the Calculator plugin on their own and will definitely be surprised with the quality of your service.

Many more amazing styling and functional settings are coming soon to the Calculator plugin

Elfsight’s amazing developers and designers are working on the Calculator plugin’s functional capability and structure right now. There will be a wide variety of features, it’ll be possible to customize your Calculator the way it turns into a complete part of your WordPress website, add in calculator for WordPress radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, sliders and images – all the features you need to attract users’ attention and make the entire process of using the Calculator plugin smooth and interactive. It’ll be possible to create the Calculator builder plugin and examine all the functions in the near future, stay tuned!

Among the most interesting Calculator plugin’s features:

  • Lots of easily created color schemes.
  • Customizable colors for header, content, video, and popup.
  • Numerous languages supported.
  • A possibility to use the auto-complete function
  • Regular live updates.

Provide more transparency and enhance user experience on your WordPress site with an awesome Calculator plugin!

Which way do I integrate the Calculator plugin to my WordPress site?

You are free to embed the Calculator plugin to each and every page of your WordPress website, or only to chosen pages. It’s also possible to restrict it on selected pages if you want them without the calculator.

On condition of experiencing questions or facing some complications, don’t hesitate to address our support staff. Our specialists are eager to resolve all the issues you may have with the Calculator plugin.