How to add Pricing Table to jQuery

An extensive guide to insert and customize tables with prices and features of your goods on a jQuery resource. Implementation of the manual doesn’t suppose abilities in coding and will take just 2 minutes.

Description of the plugin

Put into your table features and prices of your offers. Our jQuery Pricing Table will help you get new customers still today. Employ ready-to-use templates or set each component manually, our plugin will perfectly integrate design of your website.

Distinctive features of the app:

  • Fully responsive to any devices;
  • Ready-to-use layouts;
  • Detailed adjustment of every element;
  • Technical support to fix difficulties.

Plugin setup

To create an application for your jQuery webpage it is necessary to go through the following steps point-by-point. If while carrying out you see any difficulties, communicate with the Support Center.

Stage 1: Set the plugin

• Design a necessary plugin

Start generating a plugin in the editor or get registered in the service.

• Have a plugin installation code

Copy the plugin installation code, which you has received at Elfsight Apps, for inserting it on the website.

Stage 2: Adding the plugin on jQuery website

• Reach the administrator panel

Get authorized into the required website to open the editor and enter code changing.

• Add the plugin embedding code

Go to the page on which you wish to have the plugin or a necessary template and insert the plugin code received at Elfsight Apps. Apply the change.

How to edit the settings of the app after implementation?

After introducing the widget to the website, all settings you can carry out on your personal profile at Elfsight Apps. Set changes to the simple editor and save them, all alterations will be made automatically and do not involve code corrections on your jQuery website.

What is Elfsight

This is a cloud service for charging your business website using apps. Release enormous possibilities of your one web platform using uniting with social networks to attract new customers.

Get the taste of jQuery Pricing Table!

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