Embed Twitter Testimonials widget on Website

With Elfsight Twitter Feed, add your testimonials on the site without coding in two minutes.

Step 1: Construct and customize a widget

Visit a demo or sign up at Elfsight Apps first, to build a widget with the help of the ready templates, or shape your personalized widget.

Follow this installation steps: construct Testimonials in the widget editor using a ready-to-use template:

  • Choose: Profile Timeline template.
  • If necessary, adjust, enable or disable off the available elements: Author, date, Likes, Shares, and other Tweet elements. Restrict the quantity of Tweets to be displayed; the quantity and parameters of columns of your feed; choose the source of content (profile, hashtag or testimonials) in general templates.
  • The widget includes custom css field available, where you can use your own customization

Save the changes.

Step 2: Insert the widget into your website

Pick a page or template, where you want to have the Twitter Testimonials, and enter the code saved at Elfsight apps.

After the widget has been generated, copy the unique code. It is to be used to integrate the widget on your website.

How do I customize the widget after I have installed it?

After you have inserted the widget to the website, you are free to change the content and interface settings of the widget from your personal account at Elfsight apps. All the changes that you make, will be automatically applied to the widget on your site.

Why Elfsight Apps?

  • The most efficient widgets for your site;
  • Free unlimited-time support for all clients;
  • Quick and easy widget setup.

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