HTML Twitter widget

No 1 tool for showing Twitter Feed on your website
HTML Twitter widget
Display your Twitter account with all functionality and details available
Select the best testimonials about your business and show them on the site
Create a selection of Tweets with required hashtags for your site
Choose the color of active feed elements to add a custom touch
Clean minimalistic look will fit any website design concept
Responsive and mobile optimized for smooth user experience
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With Elfsight Twitter widget, it’s surprisingly simple to put Twitter Feed code or selected Tweets on your HTML website. Boost user activity and have higher customer trust, by publishing a Twitter timeline or boasting customer testimonials Tweets about your items. The best benefits of Elfsight Twitter for any site are preset templates for all use-cases and different parameters together with adaptable design.

Make your site maximum engaging for users and highly trusted

  • Elevate your engagement rate.
    Add bright and fresh content of one of the top social media on your site to get audience’s attention. Achieve better rate of engagement on your website.
  • Increase followers.
    Interactive Twitter feed enables users to subscribe to your account directly from your website. So you can get an additional source of followers and boost Twitter community.
  • High social proof for greater customer trust.
    Demonstrate your always-up-to-date Twitter profile to convince customers that your project is developing and you are open to interact and become closer to them.


The five advantages that make Elfsight widget a must-have code for all HTML websites:

  • Follow button on the header helps increase the number of subscribers of your account;
  • Show/hide elements of each Tweet: author, date, Twitter icon, and actions: reply, retweet, like, share;
  • Share tweets in Facebook;
  • Tweets display limit in the feed;
  • Retweet count, Like count in Tweets.

More options in Elfsight demo

How to add Twitter widget HTML code to website?

A total time of the process is less than 2 minutes, and a nice bonus is that it doesn’t require competence in programming from you.

  1. Design your personalized Twitter Feed.
    Using our free editor, shape a widget with desired layout and options.
  2. Acquire a code to publish the widget.
    After the widget is created, obtain a code for Twitter widget from the appearing notification at Elfsight Apps.
  3. Publish the widget on your HTML website.
    Open the page code in the HTML editor, add the widget to the necessary place (content, footer, sidebar etc), and apply the edits.
  4. You successfully performed the installation!
    Go to the HTML site, to check your work.

Stumble on anything while inserting the widget or setting it your way? Don’t hesitate to address our support or check to read a comprehensive tutorial.

Create your own Twitter HTML code in 70 seconds!

A useful live editor for designing of custom widgets in only 3 steps.


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