Twitter Feed Examples

Check Twitter widget examples for website to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Profile Timeline

Demonstrate your Twitter profile on the website saving its original style and design. It will show the header with all counts and Follow button and mark your account with special symbol if it’s verified.

Example 2: Hashtag Feed

Collect Tweets by the hashtags that you need to create a sleek gallery. The header is switched off for a clean look and the content is spread into two columns. Here the widget has custom proportions: width and height.
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Start with creating your widget
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Example 3: Testimonials

A perfect way to demonstrate clients’ testimonials from Twitter and increase trust to your business. Find the best Tweets and add them by URL to the widget. It will demonstrate the selection of client posts with star rating.

Example 4: Sidebar Widget

A sidebar feed is a good way to integrate Twitter into your website. It’s easy to change proportions of the widget to make it fit sidebar. Color options will help you find the perfect match with website design.

Example 5: Tweets Grid

Creating a really impressive Tweets grid is easy. In a couple of clicks, increase widget size to show large pictures, switch off the header and leave active only the most important post elements. It’s so fast to accentuate viewer's’ attention on your feed.

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