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Embed Twitter Page widget on Website

Integrate your page on the website in seconds and easy. With Elfsight Twitter Feed, it takes no coding.

Step 1: Constructing and personalizing a widget

Go to demo or register at Elfsight Apps first, to set a widget using the predefined templates, or construct your own personalized widget.

Use the guide: shape Twitter page in the widget editor using one of the predefined templates:

  • Pick: Profile Timeline or Tweets Grid template.
  • As your use case requires, customize, display or disable the below elements: Author, date, Likes, Shares, and other Tweet elements. Define the number of Tweets to be displayed; the number and parameters of columns of the feed; insert the source of content (profile, hashtag or testimonials) in general templates.
  • You can also use custom css field available, where you can implement your unique personalization

Make sure to save your changes.

Step 2: Insert the widget into the website

Open a page or template, where you need to publish your Twitter page widget and paste the code received at Elfsight apps.

Do you have any issues installing or adjusting the widget? Send us an email, to get assistance by a support service specialist.

How do I personalize my widget after I have published it?

You are free to adjust your widget at all times after it has been added to your website. For this, enter your account at Elfsight Apps and go to the widget settings. Introduce desired changes in the editor, and they will be automatically applied on your site.

Why Elfsight Apps?

  • The most effective widgets for your website;
  • Free lifetime help for all customers;
  • Quick and effortless widget installation.

Consider Elfsight widgets if you're looking for a truly working solution for your web business or project. Have the best widgets to help you develop!

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