Image Slider widget template

Employing Elfsight plugin you'll be able to form a gripping image or video slider for your HTML page quickly.

Having Elfsight tool integrated into your page, you’ll fulfill essential business tasks easily. Advertise your sales via discount banners slider; highlight the best or most prominent deals; introduce yourself through video or image carousel; show the stages of product using, and more. Bare in mind that our widget is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace, Blogger, Shopify and any other popular CMS.

  • 5 responsive content features
  • Controllable layout – place your content anywhere on the page
  • Badges with diverse design opportunities

How to add Image Slider template on my website?

To apply our widget, you will not need programming knowledge or certain skills about your website website builder

  1. Register in the service via the demo so that you can get a selected template;
  2. Save the widget code, which which appears in your account at Elfsight Apps;
  3. Paste the code to a selected page or into the website template;
  4. Save the changes. Success!

When you need to customize your slider, do it in your account at Elfsight Apps. It does not require to change the website code.

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