Video & Image Slider Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Slider and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Advertise sales and discounts

Want to announce all your special offers at once? Promoting your great sale? An unmissable banner slider on the landing page will do the job. Slides will show all the details and will get users to purchasing in one click.

Showcase your best offers to make them irresistible

Just a couple of stunning pictures will tell users more than thousand words. Show your best products or services through tempting pictures all combined in a slider, and make visitors eager to buy.

Tell about your company the way it appeals to users

Never know how to introduce your company to the website audience the right way? A slider with your team photos and videos can make you closer to your users and increase the level of trust.

An easy way to educate about your products

Using a slider with pictures and text, you can show how your products work stage by stage, or the steps of user’s interaction with them. Deliver meaningful information and make sure everyone’s getting it right.


Get your audience to click

Our CTA buttons will help you guide users towards your goal conversion. They can vary in size and style – create ghost buttons or fill them with any color you like. Make it easy for users to identify where you want them to click.

Tip: Don’t try to invent a new trend in the world of design – CTAs are supposed to be noticeable but not too stodgy.

Feature multiple offers at the same time

Convey your messages more clearly with the help of texts and badges. Place them anywhere you like. All the text options are highly customisable – you can change the font style, color, size and align it the way you need. The slider will easily match your website’s content.

Capture attention with compelling images and videos

You can easily add multimedia content by URL or upload it directly from your device. Our easy-to-use design tools will let you customize animation, sizing and spacing. If you don’t want to be excessive demonstrating all the possibilities of the slider feel free to use content overlay.

Promote your content the way you need

Your content can sit anywhere on the slide – we’ve got five ready layouts. And for those who’s feeling lack of control we’ve got the Advanced position functionality. It’s up to you how you want to arrange the story. Tell it providing users with sequential narrative that will make them click through and follow.

Tip: Place the most important content on the first slide or two. These are usually getting the most views and clicks.
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Various navigation options for ease of use

Your slider can move automatically, if you switch on the Auto Slide option. It allows to set up the delay time and pause, if a user hovers the mouse on the slide. And if you decide that visitors should set the slider into action, then you can choose arrows, dragging or both. Arrows can be painted any color and positioned inside or outside the slider. There’s also an option to show next slide preview.

Multiple pagination variants

You can choose one of four types of pagination: bullets, strokes, numbers or thumbnails. Any of those can be positioned inside or outside the slider and aligned left, right, or center. You can make pagination more subtle or noticeable varying the color – you can choose any in the settings.

Adaptable width and height to suit any use case

The parameters of the width and height of your slider can be changed with ease to help you fit it into your page. You can just enter the values needed into the fields and the dimensions of the widget will change accordingly.


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