Slider Examples

Check Slider examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Articles Slider

A slider is a fresh way to represent articles you publish on the site or to promote a featured column of a magazine or a newspaper. Stylish background image with zoom effect adds some vivacity to the look. Text elements of the slide have all different font sizes, which helps make slides look structured and dynamic.

Example 2: Fitness Slider

When you need to show the interiors of your place in all details or allow users to take a closer look at your products or services, there’s nothing better than a series of attractive photos. Simply upload your photos and set Auto rotation to make users ‘get stuck’’ watching and see them all.

Example 3: On-line food Slider

Having custom-style banners that promote your special offers and featured products? Just add them to the slider and no visitor will miss them! It’s a perfect way to attract new sales through advertising. Slide thumbnails serve as navigation elements - users can click them to switch between the slides - and show progress bar.

Example 4: Fashion Slider

What can be a better way to take your visitors to the purchase page than through a CTA button? Make them attracted by announcing sales and discounts in the slider. Choose tempting pictures and write motivating texts that will make users eager to check your deals. And here’s where the CTA button will work best - link it to the right page and expect new sales!

Example 5: Products Slider

Showcase your offers with great fanfare! Through close-up photos, it’s so easy to visualize all the best features of your products or services. Parallax effect of the slide pictures make them look cool and eye-catching! You can change the layout of text and picture per every slide and even set the position of the content manually for the best look.

Example 6: Dishes Slider

Make your cuisine masterpieces look irresistible! Users will be doomed to order, when photos of your tasty dishes catch their eyes. You can place all the photos on a theme background to make the dishes look just like in real life. Users will be eager to check them all, one by one, switching between the slides with the help of arrows or swiping.

Example 7: Booking Slider

Get a terrific slider for your site that fills all the space of the content area thanks to the Auto width option. Overlay picture will hide the website background and concentrate users’ attention on the content of the slide. For example, it serves a perfect setting for showing customers’ testimonials or describing the features of your offers. You can place navigation elements inside or outside the slider and choose alignment.

Example 8: Seasonal sale Slider

Announcing a Black Friday, Christmas Sale or other great sale? Slider will help do it maximum efficient! Ready-to-use eye-catching templates need just a couple of lines of your own text - and a banner is ready! Add a call-to-action button that will make the buying journey much shorter. Your slider will look perfect on all devices - you can check it right in the editor.

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