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Instagram Feed module for OpenCart

Create custom Instagram feeds for your OpenCart website with unlimited Instagram sources to boost its conversion.

Advantages of OpenCart Instagram Feed module

Show off your beauty and style in your OpenCart Instagram feed!

Spill out your beautiful Instagram images onto the pages of your OpenCart website. Fascinate your visitors and boost your conversion rates!

Display your images in a sleek popup!

Give your visitors an easy way to appreciate each image from your OpenCart Instagram module! Let them take their time to enjoy each image in a beautiful popup window, and display all the relevant image information, too!

Make the most of the latest Instagram trends!

Instagram carousel, video posts – use everything Instagram has to offer to promote your OpenCart website and your business! With the OpenCart Instagram Feed the full functionality of a native Instagram app is easy to embed on your website.

No coding required

Create custom Instagram feeds on your OpenCart website by pressing a few buttons.

Live updates

Rest assured that you're always using the widget's latest version. Update install is automatic.

Premium Quality

Great quality code guarantees a fantastic user experience for you and your clients.

Premium support

Get your questions answered by friendly and competent professionals.

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How to add Instagram Feed to an OpenCart website

1. Install the OpenCart Extension

1.1. Go to the extensions installer

  • Click on the extensions in the main menu of your OpenCart admin panel.
  • Next, click on the installer in the dropdown menu.

1. Install OpenCart Extension

1.2. Upload extension zip

  • Click the upload button in the "upload your extensions" section.
  • Select the OpenCart extension zip on your computer.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.

1. Install OpenCart Extension

1.3. Go to the extensions list

  • Click on the Extensions in the dropdown menu of the extensions menu item.
  • Select "Modules" in the "Choose the extension type" section.

1. Install the OpenCart Extension

1.4. Install your extension

  • Find Elfsight Instagram Feed extension in the list.
  • Click on the install button (the green plus icon).
  • Next, click on the edit button (the blue pencil icon) to open the extension's settings page.

2. Create the Instagram widget

2.1. Open the widget's editor

  • Click on the Create widget button to open the widget's editor.

2. Create Instagram widget

2.2. Configure your widget

  • Set Instagram Feed source.
  • Adjust layout and colors options.
  • Press "Save" button to create a new widget.

2. Create Instagram widget

2.3. Get the widget's installation code

  • Copy the widget's installation code from the popup window.
  • Click on the Theme Editor in the dropdown of the Design menu item.

3. Install the Instagram widget's code

3.1. Choose the template folder

  • Click on the required template folder in the "Choose a template" section.

3. Install Instagram Feed widget's code

3.2. Paste the installation code

  • Choose the required template in the "Choose a template" section.
  • Paste the widget's installation code to the required place of the template.
  • Click the "Save" button.
  • That's it. The widget should be displayed on your website.

Use OpenCart Instagram Feed for free

Check all features and discover the coolest look of the Instagram Feed on your OpenCart website.


OpenCart Instagram Feed
  • Clean and easy to use Instagram Feed
  • User-friendly widget generator
  • Neat dashboard with settings
  • Helpful live support
  • Transparent price structure