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Instagram Feed widget for ModX

Insert posts, photos, and videos from Instagram to engage visitors on the site


Instagram Feed widget for ModX
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InstaShow is a supreme Instagram plugin, which makes it possible to set enticing collections out of Instagram pictures and videos. A great amount of possibilities of personalization of your feed: all sorts of sources, moderation of posts, more than 60 adjustable features and 10 design schemes, and interface 100% adaptive for all screen sizes.

Use a totally responsive and useful plugin, to attract the viewers of your site immediately.

  • Sell more with stylish pictures.
    Use images from Instagram, which is one the most profitable tools for promoting your offers or services, and have a doubling of profit on the site.
  • Promote your Instagram account.
    Popularize your page in Instagram via the website, let more visitors get to know you and turn into your followers.
  • Improved visitor engagement.
    Excite visitors and arouse maximum visitor impressions, with pictures from Instagram, to establish stronger engagement.


The most prominent features of our plugin, which make it the best ModX tool of embedding Instagram:

  • Apply Only filter to display from the selected source;
  • Choose the number of posts to display on the page;
  • Add unlimited call-to-action buttons;
  • Optional autoplay speed;
  • Adjustable feed title.

All options in our editor

How to add Instagram Feed to ModX website

Simply follow these steps given below to insert the tool on ModX.

  1. Manage our free editor and start building your custom-built instrument.
    Find the desirable design and functional traits of the tool and save the corrections.
  2. Acquire your unique code shown in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the establishing of your personal Instagram Feed is complete, copy the personal code in the emerged window and save it for future use.
  3. Initiate usage of the extra on your ModX site.
    Insert the code copied recently in your website and save the improvements.
  4. Done! The integration is fully ended.
    Go your website to check how’s the widget performing.

Any queries about installation of the plugin or personalizing it? Don’t hesitate to address Elfsight help center.

How to embed Instagram Feed for free on ModX?

    Incorporating an Instagram website Feed into your ModX website is a brilliant way to showcase your latest posts and enhance visitor involvement.

    1. To embed an Elfsight Instagram Feed for free on ModX, head over to the Elfsight website and sign up for a gratis account.
    2. Utilize the Instagram free plugin by tailoring its appearance and settings to harmonize with your ModX site’s aesthetic.
    3. After fine-tuning your Instagram Feed for free, copy the exclusive embed code and paste it into your ModX page’s HTML where you wish the feed to appear.

    By adding your Instagram Feed to your ModX website, you’ll boost its visual attractiveness and inspire sustained visitor engagement. Reap the benefits of the Elfsight Instagram plugin without incurring any expense!


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