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ModX Google Reviews
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Embed Google Reviews on ModX

Wish to enhance the credibility of your ModX website? Displaying Google reviews on your pages is a smart plan: it will engage customers and grow sales. There are a few methods to add your customer feedback to the website, and one of them is the Elfsight Google Reviews, a no-code solution that is not time-consuming and can be used for free.


To learn about the extra, you can check out the range of its top features. They make this extra incredibly important for your ModX website:

  • Easy to connect reviews. You can use your Google Place ID or just enter the name and the address of the company. Not using a physical address is no trouble either.
  • Review moderation & filters. With Elfsight, it is easy to adjust multiple filters and share only fair Google reviews. For instance, you can define the minimum rating to be displayed or restrict certain authors from being seen in the extra.
  • Button to attract more reviews. Just add a customizable CTA button to your reviews block to let the clients contribute with their feedback.
  • Star snippet to boost Google traffic. Stand out from your competitors by enabling markup to make stars be seen in search results. This upgrade will help you attract attention and increase your click-through rate.
  • Advanced design customization. Select from various layouts such as Slider, List, Masonry, Grid, Carousel, Floating Badge, and more. Adjust each review’s details: titles, badges, names, and stars to seamlessly align with your design.

To check out more features, see demo

Learn how to embed the Google Reviews into your ModX website

Read this simple guide to set up the widget on your ModX website. It is going to take a few minutes and requires no coding.

  1. Create your custom Google Reviews widget
    Start with any template in the demo, upload your customer feedback, and get a widget with a preferred design and settings.
  2. Receive the personal code to embed the widget
    As soon as you have constructed your widget, you will receive the individual code in your dashboard. Copy the code that holds all the information concerning your widget’s settings.
  3. Display the widget on your ModX website
    Select the website’s sections you wish to put the widget on and paste the code there. Save the changes.

Done! Check how the widget is working on your website.

Still experiencing issues with embedding Google reviews on a ModX website? Simply read our article on adding Google Reviews to your website.

Is a Google Reviews ModX widget free?

Totally yes! Any Elfsight’s customer is able to adjust their Google Reviews widget and embed it into ModX without paying anything. All the useful features that we spoke about above will be at your service.

Why should I add reviews to ModX?

Google reviews enhance your company’s credibility. Potential customers frequently want to read about the experiences of others who have tried your services. Embed customer feedback on your website to share what people like about your company.

Can I add other reviews to ModX?

Sure. You can try such widgets as Facebook Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Tripadvisor Reviews, or Testimonials Slider. They will allow you to connect various platforms to your website sharing the reviews from those websites where customers discuss your company most.

Why should I embed Google Reviews on ModX with Elfsight?

Firstly, Elfsight provides a smooth way to embed Google reviews on your website without the need for coding or writing scripts. This customizable extra can be seamlessly integrated with ModX or any other website platform. Most importantly, people respect our extra for its useful features that help you focus on your business’s advantages.


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