How to Add Instagram Feed Module for Drupal

In this article we will review the extensive tutorial on how to install Instagram Module InstaShow into a Drupal site. We will take advantage of a high-quality cloud service with ready-made widgets for web resources – Elfsight Apps.

Manage Your Own Instagram Feed

Implement a number of simple stages to get the widget to the desired page of your website. The expected embed duration is no longer than 1 minute.

1. Get an account at Elfsight Apps

• Register or log into our cloud service

First, if you’d like to take advantage of Elfsight web service, you have to create an account. Add only existing electronic mail addresses and passwords to set up your profile. In case you already have an Elfsight Apps profile, please, authorize here.

Login to Elfsight Apps

• Pick out the required module for your site

Our service holds a full roster of products for websites. To add Instagram feed to a Drupal website, you need to pick out InstaShow.

Select Instagram feed module

• Make InstaShow meet your requirements

Pick out the gallery layout, styles and presentation settings to shape the module that will suit your site best.

InstaShow key features:

  • Autorotation mode that systematically switches gallery’s pages;
  • Decide on horizontal and vertical scrolling;
  • InstaShow has slide and fade animation effects;
  • Elfsight Instagram plugin may speak in 16 languages;
  • etc.

You can view all the values at the Instagram plugin page.

Configure module for drupal website

• Select the appropriate subscription

You can select the subscription plan in the window that appears. Subscriptions range from free to universal. Analyze your resource’s popularity and press the “Select” link.

Add the domain of your drupal website

• Obtain the code for initiating InstaShow on your site

The concluding stage in Elfsight Apps is to copy the feed html code by clicking on “Get” link along the side of the widget’s name.

Copy module code

2. InstaShow Setup Stages

• Go to Drupal site management panel

Login to Drupal on the authorization page located at YourDomain/admin/.

Go to Drupal site management panel

• Go to pages’ catalog

Go to «Content» tab, where all pages are available for editing.

Go to Drupal pages’ catalog

• Go to page editor

Select a page to install the plugin to, and press “Edit”.

Select the page to place the feed module to

• Copy the code and apply changes

Do the following to add the module code to a page:

  1. Switch the page to “Full HTML” mode;
  2. Switch the content to source HTML view;
  3. Insert the Instagram plugin code;
  4. Save the changes in Drupal by pressing “Save and keep Published”.
Paste the moduls’s code

• The gallery’s installed!

Go on to the page to check the gallery’s appearance and placement.

Add Instagram Feed Module for Drupal

How to Modify App’s Parameters after Setup

You have the opportunity to improve the product’s design or the shown Instagram page in your profile at Elfsight Apps. After you apply the changes, they will be automatically carried out in your widget.

Best Instagram Feed for Drupal

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