WordPress Currency converter

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Why you should consider integrating the Currency converter plugin on your WordPress site

Deliver up-to-date exchange rate information to your WordPress website audience and reduce the bounce rate through the use of our new currency exchange calculator plugin. You can add the info on all currencies of the world to your plugin and build different conversion features. Also, you are free to choose the data provider that meets your needs best from the list of sources available for your currency exchange converter plugin. Allow your WordPress website visitors to switch currencies within the converter plugin in just a click! The exchange rate calculator plugin can be put anywhere on your WordPress site page – in the header, in the sidebar, in the footer and anywhere you need your plugin to be revealed for better user convenience. This will allow you to unobtrusively fit the exchange calculator into your WordPress website design. There’s also an option to select which currency to demonstrate first in your plugin. Or maybe you need to show several exchange rates in your plugin at once? This option is also available in our currency calculator plugin. The plugin can be displayed on all pages of your website at once or only on those that you choose for your plugin.

Here are some reasons for you to consider adding the currency exchange calculator plugin to your WordPress site:

  • Your website audience will have up-to-date info on the exchange rates via the currency calculator plugin.In case you’re running a multi-language WordPress website, there must be a need for your audience to find out the cost of your items and services and here the currency converter plugin may come in handy. With this plugin, your users will have up-to-date info any moment they need without leaving your WP site to find the info on the exchange course on some third-party website. The Currency calculator plugin can be placed on any page of your website – even to every page, so it can be easily found and used any moment your audience might need this plugin.
  • The currency exchange calculator saves the time of your users. As we’ve mentioned above, your WordPress website audience won’t have to abandon your site in order to find the necessary data on the exchange course as they will have an opportunity to see in our handy currency converter plugin live. The plugin supports all popular currencies and can provide your website audience with the necessary info instantly. Simply add the exchange calculator to your WP website and start providing an outstanding user experience!
  • Currency exchange converter plugin helps you focus on meaningful improvements on your site. Having the currency converter plugin integrated on your WordPress site can help you avoid lots of stressful situations related to your pricing policy. With the help of the exchange course calculator plugin, users from different countries can find out the exact price for your products or services any time they want without a need to address your support center or looking for your accounts on social media to contact you directly. The plugin for currency exchange course is always there to solve this problem so that you could focus on other functionality aspects of your WordPress website.

With the currency converter plugin, users will know exactly how much they will be charged for your products and services.

Through the use of the currency exchange plugin, your website audience will know exactly how much they will be charged for your products or services. And the same exact foreign exchange rate will be applied by the exchange calculator plugin in the event of return. This means that your audience won’t lose money if currency exchange rates change. And this is good news especially for users from countries with unstable financial markets – they can be sure they won’t be charged extra money for your products, thanks to one small currency exchange calculator.

Many more amazing functional and styling options are coming soon to the Currency exchange calculator plugin for WordPress

Our amazing design and development teams are working up the currency converter plugin functionality and appearance at this stage. There will be a large variety of features, there will be an opportunity to tailor your content the way it becomes an essential part of your website. There will be an opportunity to check all the functions and create the exchange rate converter plugin very soon, wait for it!

Our developers offer a unique instrument for design amateurs – a Color Theme Generator that’ll create a palette for your currency converter plugin all by itself. Merely pick up brand color, a Light or Dark mode, and allow the automatic color designer to do all the magic for you. In addition, if you need a peculiar design for your plugin, you can continue to modify all the elements separately: header, popup, background, and so forth. See all changes straightaway in online configurator with no need to code.

And here are some key features of the Currency exchange calculator plugin for your WordPress site:

  • Color schemes for your use case.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Ongoing live updates.

Help users convert any currency into their usual one in just a couple of clicks with the currency exchange plugin!

How can I embed the WordPress currency converter plugin to my WordPress website?

You can insert the exchange calculator plugin to each and every page of your site, or only to selected pages. There’s also an option to hide it on certain pages where you don’t need the exchange rate plugin to be presented.

In case you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. Our specialists are longing to resolve all the questions you might have with the exchange plugin.