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Why taking Elfsight Wishlist for your website

WIshlist will be a perfect inclusion to any ecommerce WordPress site. This option is there to help your WordPress website visitors add the products they are really interested in to a special wishlist. This product is a thing they really want to get, but don’t have enough resources right now to acquire yet or perhaps they’re simply guessing at the future. At first glimpse, it’s quite easy to understand what advantages your visitors can have from a wishlist embedded on your site. But if you dig into, there’ll be some more and more ways of how you as a business owner can make the best out of this option integrated on your website.

Here is why it’s a good thing for you to think about integrating Wishlist on your site just as the plugin goes live:

  • Motivate visitors to save their favorite products on Wishlist. Give your WordPress website users an opportunity to save all desired products in the Wishlist in a click, if they can’t buy them right now. Elfsight Wishlist is a straightforward and compelling way to convert website visitors into your loyal clients. Now they have an opportunity to add as many products as they want, applying just the Add to Wishlist button. Any of the lists might be kept private and visitors will definitely return for more purchasing. Or they can publish a wishlist on any social media (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest), to help over family and friends through useful gift ideas. Applying a free-to-use wishlist tool for the website, you will immediately uplevel customers’ loyalty, get familiar with their preferences and boost your sales by means of indirect advertising.
  • Well-organized and sleek wishlists that suit any store. Which way to build the best wishlist tool for your store? Through the agency of the Elfsight wishlist plugin for WordPress, you will get an option to form any wishlist’s elements in a click without a need to learn programming skills. Put to use the most suitable icon for your Add button from a predefined assortment or upload it from your device. Then implement the wishlist plugin at any place on your product page. Also, we have designed personalizable wishlist table layouts to help your customers enjoy adding new products and share the gift lists with friends.
  • Choose a ready-prepared color scheme of yourWishlist or set up your own design.We offer an exceptional tool for those who value their time – a Color Theme Generator that’ll produce a design for your WordPress wishlist plugin automatically. Simply select a Dark or Light mode, primary color, and permit the auto color designer to do all the magic for you. However, if you need a unique look of the Wishlist plugin, you can continue to customize all the widget’s constituents individually: popup, header, background, and more. See all changes immediately in the online configurator without hours of coding and modifying.

Adjust the Whishlist’s plugin size for impeccable design

If you don’t need to pick between two themes, we’ve granted you an opportunity to build your customized one. Just select the background color or photo and recolor all of the wishlist plugin elements.

Wishlists make it possible for you to understand how and what your target audience thinks

Surely, one single wishlist is not enough for you to get some useful insights for your business, but as soon as the amount of wishlists built on your site will grow, you’ll get an option to see and figure out the trends and tendencies that dominate among your target audiences. Keeping track of this, you can organize a new marketing campaign promoting the products and services that are added in your users’ wishlists most often.

Wishlist on your site will generate a lot of traffic

And so it is! By creating your site wishlists shareable you’ll get a perfect tool to draw more new users without a lot of effort – all the hard work will be done by your users. All you have to do here is to make sure you offer them first-class items and services that they will want to add to their wishlists to buy them in the future.

You are free to use wishlist to notify your site visitors about upcoming sales and discounts

Among other suitable ways to apply a wishlist is to mark some products that seem to be high cost now for the future discount season. And you as a store owner have an option to notify your users on the products on their wishlist that have gone on sale. Also, the data from your site’s wishlists can be put to use to analyse and understand what items you should put at discount next.

Tons of other functional and design options upcoming soon to the WordPress Wishlist plugin

Elfsight exceptional developers and designers are working up the WordPress Wishlist plugin functionality and appearance at this stage. There would be a large selection of adjustments, it’ll be possible to customize your content the way it turns into a complete part of your website. You’ll have an opportunity to create the Wishlist plugin and examine all the functions in the near future, wait for it!

Find below basic features of the WordPress Wishlist plugin:

  • 5 premade color schemes.
  • Customizable colors for header, groups, content, and more.
  • languages available.
  • Personnalisable cache time.
  • Daily live updates.

More new sales and satisfied customers with the Elfsight Wishlist plugin!

Which way do I integrate the Wishlist plugin to my WordPress site?

You are free to embed the Wishlist plugin to all pages of your WordPress website, or only to the pages you pick. It’s also possible to hide the Wishlist on selected pages on which you don’t need the gallery to be demonstrated.

If you deal with any difficulties, don’t hesitate to write to our customer service staff. Our people will be delighted to resolve all the issues you might have with the widget.