WordPress interactive Timeline plugin

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Why it’s incredibly important to have Timeline plugin on your WordPress site

Elfsight Timeline plugin for WordPress will provide you with an opportunity to present the info in the form of an interactive timeline with horizontal and vertical orientation that is incredibly easy to personalise according to your company’s needs. You’ll get an option to arrange content upright or aflat, attach dates, icons and images, and also add descriptions to make your timeline look even more representative. Our soon-to-be-presented plugin will provide you with numerous styling opportunities, it will work and look great on any device type. Your Timeline plugin with horizontal and vertical orientation will provide a visual depiction of the rich history of your business, merchandise, or even your professional or personal life. The plugin will definitely engage your users and organise content on your WordPress site the most structured and representative way. Within the Timeline plugin for WordPress, you’ll have a chance to demonstrate what stages that have been passed with horizontal and vertical orientation, the ones that are currently in progress, the ones that are supposed to be finished in the nearest future. The WordPress Timeline is there to guide your audience through long content pieces and increase time spent on your site’s pages.

Here are some common reasons for you to have Timeline plugin integrated on your WordPress site:

  • The Timeline plugin helps to improve communication. You definitely need a timeline on your WordPress site as it improves communication between you and your audience. Your website visitors will see a well-structured timeline feature with horizontal and vertical orientation with all the important milestones marked there and will get to know you better. They might also get acquainted with your plans for the future through your interactive timeline.
  • You can easily track your own projects and progress by means of responsive Timeline plugin. Timeline allows you to present any information in the most concise, but at the same time, visual form. This allows not only your website visitors, but also yourself to understand what stage you are at and not to miss any important milestone. Timeline plugin is great for project planning as it’s easy to use and does not require any specific skills to use and add to your WordPress site.
  • Timeline plugin is great as a time management tool.Good planning and time management play a really important role in any business sphere – no matter which is yours. Our new WordPress Timeline plugin will help you properly plan any of your upcoming projects and understand beforehand if any disturbing delays are going to happen while you’re working on it. Having an overall view of all your work stages in an attractive Timeline plugin, you can avoid any mindless steps in your work on the project. WordPress Timeline plugin with horizontal and vertical orientation is always there to help you focus on meaningful things.

With Timeline on the homepage of your WordPress website, you’ll improve your and your visitors’ motivation

Motivation is the driving force of any business and project, and Timeline is there to serve as the main source of motivation for you and your audience. You are free to reveal any stats and numbers through your WordPress Timeline plugin that look impressive and reputable, and also present you as a strong and trusted specialist in your sphere of business. Also, your Timeline with horizontal and vertical orientation can serve as a way to sharpen your focus on the meaningful steps you are to take. And the motivation can even go up as you and your audience see in your Timeline as the tasks you’ve marked there are completed successfully.

Get important tasks completed first with a handy Timeline plugin for WordPress

Within your business projects, you’ve got to be flexible and be capable of performing all the necessary changes to your strategy any time. With the Timeline plugin, you’ll have a chance to move forward top priority tasks and focus on what matters to your business right now. Looking at your Timeline plugin integrated to any page of your WordPress site, you’ll manage to set clear priorities and make sure that all the important tasks are cleared of your way first.

Enhance your website functionality with an attractive Timeline plugin

Apart from providing you with lots of new styling possibilities, the Timeline plugin is also there to give your audience a new visual experience. You can present any kind of a story through a responsive Timeline in a clear and interactive way, as our Timeline plugin is developed with all sorts of interactive features – from animations to clickable popups that can contain text and other content you need to tell your story. And it also will look and work great on any device type as it will be fully responsive. Your audience will definitely like your Timeline!

Tons of amazing design and functional settings upcoming soon for the Timeline WordPress plugin

Our awesome programmers and designers are working up the Timeline plugin’s structure and functional capability at the moment. There will be a wide array of features, it’ll be possible to customize your content within the Timeline plugin so that it becomes an essential part of your website. There will be an opportunity to test all the settings and create the plugin very soon, stay updated! Our developers also offer a unique solution for design amateurs – a Color Scheme Generator that’ll produce a palette for your Timeline plugin automatically. Merely choose the main color, a Dark or Light mode, and permit the built-in color designer will set everything for your Timeline plugin up for you. However, if you need a peculiar design for your Timeline plugin, you can always further customize all the plugin’s constituents separately: popup, background, head section, etc. See all modifications real time in an online configurator with no need to code to create your Timeline plugin. It’ll be possible to check all the settings and build the Timeline plugin in the nearest future.

Check out the list of options that will be available in the Timeline plugin as soon as it’s going to be released:

  • Lots of easily built color themes.
  • Personalisable colors for header, content, text.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Various question types.
  • Ongoing live updates.

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Which way do I add the Timeline plugin to my WordPress site?

The Timeline plugin can be introduced to all pages of your WordPress website, or only to chosen pages. Another option is to hide it on certain pages where you don’t want the widget.

On condition of confronting questions or confronting some complications with the Timeline, please reach out to our customer service team. Our specialists are eager to resolve all the questions you might have with the Timeline plugin.